Be on time to drop off your car - you could be charged an extra day`s rent if you show up late.

If you haven`t already prepaid for a tank of gas, make sure to top off your car before returning it, otherwise, you may be charged for a full tank no matter how much gas is actually left. Not only that, but you may be charged more than double for gas then what you would have paid at a gas station. You also could be charged an additional `refueling fee` as well. It is not necessary to wait until you`re almost at the rental office to fuel up, fuel gauges are very forgiving, so start watching for a convenient gas station miles before you reach the rental office. Save your final gas receipt as proof that you filled the tank, and don`t toss it until you`ve seen your credit-card bill.

Once you`ve arrived at the rental office, check the entire car with the attendant to be sure there are no new problems. You may want to take pictures of the returned vehicle as proof of its condition, this is especially a good idea if you are dropping the car off at an unstaffed after-hours drop-off point. Ask for a copy of the final condition report and keep it until you have seen your credit card bill. If unexpected charges show up on your credit-card statement it will be easier to dispute with good documentation on hand.

If you do drop off your vehicle when the office is closed, there is a drop box where you can place your keys with instructions on where to park the car. In this situation, it is even more important that you take pictures of your car in case any problems arise.