On foot

The city center in Faro is laid out across an area of just one-quarter of a square mile. It is easy and enjoyable to wander the streets of Faro, and distances are manageable. It is about a half-mile walk from Faro train station to Faro Cathedral, and distances between two sights are rarely longer. We recommend taking a ferry, bus or taxi to the beaches (approx. 4-5 miles outside the city).

By bus

Bus service in Faro is operated by Proximo, Urban Transport of Faro (www.proximo.pt/en). Six main routes cover the city of Faro, the Ria Formosa Natural Park, Faro Beach, and immediate environs. Six extra routes cover high-traffic areas at particular times of day (e.g. morning rush hour). Buses arrive at most stops every 10-15 minutes; the waiting time will be shorter the closer you are to Faro`s old town, for example. Buses start running throughout the city by 7 a.m. and stop running between midnight and 1 a.m. Two bus routes run directly from the airport to Faro city, while two others run from Faro city to Faro Beach. Expect to pay approximately €2.50 per ride while visiting most attractions in Faro city, and €3 per ride from the airport or Faro Beach into Faro city. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver.

By taxi

Cabs can be hailed from the street, but it is more common to just call for a cab. Licensed cabs are either beige or black and green in color. We do not recommend taking unlicensed cabs as they are not metered, leaving you vulnerable to being overcharged. Meters begin around €4 and charge between €1.50 and €2 per mile, depending on the day or time. Many taxi companies are based in Faro, such as Taxis de Faro (289 804 717) and FPT, the Federation of Portuguese Taxis (289 878 102).

NOTE: While Faro is a tourist area, do not assume your taxi driver will know how to speak English. Write out your destinations on pieces of paper and give the paper applicable to that specific trip to your driver before departing.

By bicycle

Considering the low elevation, its proximity to water and the gorgeous weather, it should be no surprise that Faro is heaven for cyclists of all experience levels. Three companies sell or rent bicycles in Faro; the largest one, MTB Algarve (www.mtbalgarve.com), offers bike delivery and rental within 15 miles of Faro city for less than €20 per day.

By car

All the major European and North American car rental companies are represented in Faro, although you will have to rent your car from Faro Airport as the widest selection will be found here. In such a touristy area like Faro, companies are quick to offer online-only rates or last-minute deals as low as €5 per day. When booking at the airport, prices tend to be competitive at €30 per day for starters. Parking is not plentiful in Faro city center.