On foot

The historic city center and the surrounding neighborhoods are laid out across an area of just 0.6 square miles. Knowing this, you will find that nearly all the sights in Cordoba are close to one another, so it is easy to explore the city and see multiple sights without exerting too much energy. A car or taxi is recommended if you decide to visit the Medina Azahara.

By bus

Cordoba`s bus system is known as AUCORSA (short for Autobuses de Cordoba, S.A.M., It consists of fourteen daily bus routes which cover locations inside Cordoba city limits, and five extra routes which cover its environs. One-way ticket prices are inexpensive at under €2. All routes run buses at least twice per hour between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., making it easy to get to where you want to go. Tickets can be purchased at self-serve kiosks located at bus stations and bus stops, as well as at participating retailers. The AUCORSA website has compiled a list of participating retailers, categorized by street.

By taxi

Taxis are ubiquitous in Cordoba. They are white, and a side door will feature the city crest and the taxi`s registration number. As long as the taxi`s light is green (signifying a vacancy), you can hail a cab from the street. Taxi stands are also available all over town: at the railway and bus stations, Plaza de las Tendillas, Plaza Colon, and Calles Agustin Moreno, Arcos de la Frontera, Ciudad Jardin, and CaƱero.

The base pick-up fare is between €2 and €3 (depending on day and time), and each mile will add roughly €1.50 to the final result on the meter. Keep in mind that taxi drivers in Cordoba must use the meter, so if you have a driver who insists on quoting a flat price and turning the meter off, announce your intention to get out and find another cab.

By bicycle

The City of Cordoba has taken great strides in promoting bicycle travel in and around the city, not just for locals but also for tourists. The City of Cordoba has created its own daughter company, Cordobaenbicicleta (, which has planned out bike routes in the historic city center and the suburbs for cyclists to try. When reserving your bicycle ahead of time, Cordobaenbicicleta will ask you where your route will stop and end; they do this because they will bring you your bicycle when you want to start your journey and will pick it up when you`ve finished.

By car

We do not recommend using a rental car to navigate the historic center of Cordoba, although it may be useful for day trips around Andalusia, and to visit the Medina Azahara, which is approximately three miles away from the closest AUCORSA bus stop.

Parking will not be an issue for those who do decide to use a car in the historic center, but small, one-way-only streets and testy drivers will cause you to lose your patience. Don`t stress out while on your trip: keep your car out of the historic center, and instead walk, take taxis or use the bus system. Save the car for exploring the areas outside the city.