City Center/Old Town

The center consists of one of the city`s most talked-about stretches, Hverfisgata, a mix of businesses, residences and late-night hangouts; as well as Bankastræti, Austurstrætiand, and the mainshopping boulevard Laugavegur. The center is considered the heart of the city. This is where the Laugavegur shopping street is, where most of the museums are locatedand also where you will find the majority of the coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

Vesturbær/West Town (literal translation)

This district is the first area to develop when Reykjavik started to grow from a small village to a town in the late 19th century. Vesturbær is mostly residential and one of the most expensive and sought after districts in Reykjavik. There is some increasing tourist related commercial activity in the harbor area and Grandi. This area is the home of the University of Iceland.

Austurborg/East Town (literal translation)

This area is mostly all residential. Austurborg is a bit further away to downtown then Vesturbaer, but still walkable to the city center. There are some peaceful hikes to enjoy such as Ellidaardalur, a valley this side of the city offering a lush recreational area popular with walkers and cyclist alike. The valley features a distinctive fishing river populated with a significant number of Artic char, salmon and brown trout.