Corfu Town is a very elegant and charming capital and a delight for the visitor. For those who want to shop there are hundreds of charming stores selling everything from cheap trinkets and souvenirs to expensive designer goods, leather products and sparkling jewelry. Many boutiques line the streets selling all the latest fashions as well as shoes and accessories.

The larger resorts in Corfu all have supermarkets and touristy shops to provide for their guests and visitors. Popular souvenirs include hand-made jewelry, lace, ceramics, pottery and olive wood sculptures. Most of the better shops are located in the town of Corfu where the locals also like to shop. However, they are more on the lookout for the latest fashions from Athens and Italy than Corfiot products. The Corfiots prefer to buy in boutiques, with a smaller range of quality goods, than in normal chain stores. Looking for a bargain? Then you should keep your eyes open during the first 20 days of August with the summer sales and discounts of up to 70%.

There is a market here every morning, except Sunday. In more rural areas you'll find vendors selling home-made olive oil, honey, and wine from street stalls. Haggling is expected. One of the best souvenirs is the kumquat liqueur, which makes a wonderful gift. Those visiting Corfu in the winter months may find that some of the shops and restaurants are closed or have greatly reduced hours; on the plus side, however, things do tend to be cheaper out of season.

Opening Hours

Shops are usually open from 8:30am to 2pm from Monday to Friday and from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Most supermarkets and souvenir shops are open from 8:30am to 11pm. You can buy last minute souvenirs in the departure hall of the airport – open round the clock. Make sure you have a certain amount of cash with you if shopping for souvenirs as you will find a lot of the smaller shops do not accept credit cards. Most of the larger stores and boutiques will accept most credit cards.

Arts and Crafts

Objects carved out of olive wood are really special: bowls, cups, salad servers, as well as small pieces of furniture such as stools and tables. You can find them in several shops in the Old Town of Corfu and in mountain villages including Makrádes, Lákones and Strinílas as well as the beach resort Acharávi. The best place to buy artistic glassware for your home is in Ágios Stéfanos Avliotón, or in the Old Town of Corfu, where there are also several antique shops.

Culinary Treats

If you want something really typical of the island, take some home-grown Corfiot products home with you. You can buy them at weekly markets, in private houses and kafenía, the small village shops and at roadside stands. In some places, you can buy thyme honey directly from the beekeeper. The best place to buy herbs from the island mountains is in Makrádes.


Cumquats, little oranges, with a yellowy-orange skin, are a unique island specialty. The vitamin-rich citrus fruit is made into marmalade and liquor or sold as candied fruit. The latest trend is a newly-created eau de toilette with a fruity, tangy cumquat aroma.

Olive Oil

Pure olive oil from Corfu tastes even better if you know which grove it has come from. However, the health standards now in force mean that you should only buy it in cans. Another delicious Corfiot specialty is olive paste, great as a dip or spread on bread. The olive oil soap produced on the island can also be recommended.

Wine, Liqueurs and Spirits

You can taste Corfiot wines, liqueurs and spirits in cellars and distilleries, as well as in roadside booths before you buy them. However, it is usually difficult to transport wine.

25 Ayios Spiridon
Standing out from the many souvenir-gift shops (leading away from the north end of Listo), Antica offers unusual older jewelry, plates, textiles, brass and icons.

64 Ev. Voulgareos
Where the street emerges from the old town to join the new town, has a fine selection of engravings and prints of scenes from Corfu, all nicely matted. Originals (taken from old books or magazines) can cost 150€, reproductions as little as 10€.

Patounis Soap-Making Factory
I. Theotaki
For something special, try some of their olive oil soap.

The Pottery Workshop
10 miles north of Corfu on the right of the road to Paleokastritsa
Here you get to observe Sofoklis Ikonomides and Sissy Moskidou making and decorating all the pottery on sale here.

The Wood's Nest
1 1/4 miles farther along the road, on the left
Offering a large selection of olive wood objects just slightly cheaper than in town.