Corfu town definitely has a nightlife scene, though many people are content to linger over dinner and then, after a promenade, repair to one of the cafes at the Liston, such as the Capri, Liston, Europa, or Aegli, all of which have a similar selection of light refreshments and drinks. Others are drawn to the cafes at the north end of the Esplanade, just outside the Liston, Cafe Bar 92, the Magnet, or Cool Down. For a special treat, ascend to the rooftop cafe/bar at the Cavalieri Hotel. Another change of scene is the Lindos Cafe, overlooking the beach and facilities of the Nautical Club of Corfu; it is approached by a flight of steps leading off Leoforos Demokratias, just south and outside the Esplanade. And one of the best-kept secrets of Corfu town is the little Art Cafe, to the right and behind the Palace that now houses the Museum of Asian Art; its garden provides a wonderful cool and quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the town.

If you enjoy a bit more action, there are several nightspots along the coast to the north, between Corfu town and the beach resort of Gouvia; they include Ekati, a typical Greek nightclub; Esperides, featuring Greek music; and Corfu by Night, definitely touristy. Be prepared to drop some money at these places.

As for the younger crowd, there are any number of places that go in and out of favor (and business) from year to year. Among the more enduring up around the Esplanade are the relatively sedate Aktaion, just to the right of the Old Fort, and the Cafe Classico, in an old mansion at Odos Kapodistriou 10, featuring the latest music. Young people seeking more excitement go down past the New Port to a strip of flashy discos, Apokalypsis, Hippodrome, and DNA.

In summer, there are frequent concerts by the town's orchestras and bands, mostly free, on the Esplanade. Corfu town boasts the oldest band in Greece. September brings the Corfu Festival, with concerts, ballet, opera, and theater performances by a mix of Greek and international companies. Carnival is celebrated on the last Sunday before Lent with a parade and a burning of an effigy representing the spirit of Carnival.

For those who like to gamble, there's a well-known casino at the Corfu Holiday Palace a few miles outside of town. Open nightly, it may not have the glamour of Monte Carlo, but it attracts quite an international set during the high season.

Lucciola Bio Bistro Bar
Although known primarily as an excellent, creative, organic restaurant, Lucciola is also a notable venue for live bands, who play Friday or Saturday evenings out in the tiered garden or inside according to season. The music tends to be rock or blues, reflecting a mixed foreign and local clientele. In case you were wondering, the name means ‘firefly’ in Italian – along with the northern mainland opposite and neighboring Paxí islet, Corfu is the only place in Greece home to the creatures.

Dizi Bar
Doesn’t look like much with its relatively narrow shop-front, but a firm favorite among both locals and visitors thanks to Saturday-and-Sunday-night theme parties (trance and reggae predominating; look for posters locally on utility poles). Affordable drinks and an affable owner make DiZi likely to survive in a climate that has lately claimed the scalps of many other Corfu clubs.

54 Dreamy Nights
House, hip hop, mainstream Greek sounds at this new-since-2013 dance club with hi-tech light shows.

Cool bar with recorded sounds and a DJ console, but also live events (often of an 'experimental' nature) once weekly Fri or Sat from 9.30pm onwards.

Café Bristol
An old-town evergreen, with superb Art Nouveau tiles underfoot, quirky cluster-bulb lighting, good jazz, funk or Greek recorded sounds and fair prices for hot or alcoholic beverages. Standing room only after 7pm, when some overspill heads for adjacent, much noisier La Boite facing the square.

Edem Beach Club
The recession has cut a swath through clubs closer to town on the traditional `strip`, but this remoter one, with guest foreign DJs and themed parties a few nights weekly, looks set to ride things out, especially as it also functions as a 'day' club.

Bar B52 is located next to the beach, in Ipsos and it is one of the most popular bars of the island. Different events are planned nightly such as karaoke competitions, beach parties, rave parties, 60s, 70s, 80s night and many other surprises!

Angelo`s Bar
In the most northern part of the island, in the village Kassiopi. It is very popular among the residents of the region, for the very friendly atmosphere and the exceptional variety of drinks that it serves. Each week it organizes special events that attract many visitors.

Apokalupsis is the favorite place of youth and is situated near the new port of Corfu. It is separated in 2 parts: the interior and the abroad. Every summer at the exterior space, you will have the possibility of enjoying a unique fire-show, with professional dancers. It plays Greek and foreign music and the environment is impressive.

Edem Club
In Dassia village it is one of the best clubs in the island of Corfu. The party begins early in the night and keeps up to the first morning hours. A unique entertainment experience with loud music and a lot of dance. Not to be missed for party lovers!

Venue Club
Located in Kavos region and is the most popular club of the region. It is open 7 days a week and crowded every day. Every night offers a different event. Very often come to play music the most famous DJs from abroad.