There are various ways to travel around the Island of Corfu. Hiring a car, taking a local bus or taxi. You can also rent your own speed boat and with such beautiful views, cool air, and fabulous feeling, renting a motor boat can be the experience of your holiday - plus no license is required.

By Bus

Local buses are a cheap way to travel, but the bus timetables are a little difficult to find and often change without notice! The best way is to ask a 'local'. Often a 'Kafeneon' is opposite a bus stop, and doubles as the 'bus shelter'. Simply pop inside and ask when the next bus should arrive.

In Corfu there are available two bus-services, which are well-organized, with modern vehicles and frequent itineraries:

The first is the municipal bus service. The buses are of blue color and the station is found at San Rocco square (Platía Sanróko). These buses transfer you in the capital and in the suburbs: Afra, Saint Ioannis, Kanoni, Perama, Achillean.

The second service is the KTEL, which offers transportation to long-distance regions of the island such as: Lefkimi, Kavos, Karoysades, Saint Panteleimon, Saint Gordios, Glyfada and a lot of other. KTEL buses are green and the central station is found at Theotoki Street just west of the Néo Froúrio (New Fort).

By Car

Corfu is a large island and for this reason the best way in order to get around to the historical monuments, the beaches and the picturesque villages is the private vehicle. You can pick your car up at the port, the airport and in the capital of the island. There is a great variety of vehicles offered, from small cars to luxurious jeeps. Select the vehicle that suits you, in order to explore Corfu. Of course, remember that you should have the driving license always with you and you should not drive if you have had any alcohol, in order to avoid unpleasant fines from the frequent police controls.

Corfu and The Roads
Renting a car is the most flexible way of exploring. The roads are a little challenging, but well worth the effort.
Greek roads are not like most North European roads - look out for pot-holes, hairpin bends at every 50 yards, laden donkeys and in August 'the Italians!' The overriding problem though is 'olives'. Yes most of the roads are olive tree lined - the olives fall onto the road to be squashed by your rental Suzuki Jeep's tires, ensuring that only the finest quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is drizzled onto the tarmac! Watch out, this combination is more slippery than black-ice. Not surprisingly, seatbelts are recommended. Laws governing drunk-driving, are similar to those in the US, - the deep ravines by the roadsides seem to take care of any offenders! This said, if you are careful, driving in Corfu is a stunning experience, with breathtaking views around every corner.

When driving your rental car, it is necessary to carry your driver's license at all times. Be sure to get your International Driver's license and bring your passport with you.

By Taxi

Alternatively, if you do not want to rent a car, you can take a taxi to get around the island. You can find taxi-stations, in the most central points of the island, such as San Rokko Square and Theotoki Street, but there is also the telephone service of radio-taxi. The prices for the most popular destinations are fixed and you can ask about them before getting into the taxi. There is also the option taxi-meter charge for non frequent destinations.


Speed Boat Rental and Hire

No matter where you are staying, renting a small motor boat is a must. Viewing the island from a different perspective, visiting secluded bays, stopping for lunch or drinks at the many idyllic beachside tavernas - including Taverna Agni, will make it a memorable experience.

Scooters or Mopeds

Scooters and motor-bikes do not mix very well with local roads. If you do decide to rent one, then please insist on a helmet and please never drink and ride.