Rhodes offers countless opportunities for food and drink, from fish specialties to grilled meat, without forgetting the traditional environment inherent in its taverns.

You must try out the mezedes, a variety of small Greek dishes often accompanied by the local aperitif, ouzo. Among them are dolmades, vine leaves filled with lamb and rice, fried in oil and then served cold. You can also try out the kalamaraki (grilled squid), the tiropitta with goat`s cheese, and choriatiki salata, feta-based traditional Greek salads.

Fast-food has also become very popular in Greece with local chains such as Goody`s springing up (local equivalent of McDonald`s). Even though fast food is gaining in popularity in Greece, people still rely primarily on the rich and extensive repertoire of Greek cuisine. In addition, some traditional Greek foods, especially souvlaki, gyros, kataifipita such as tyropita or spanakopita are often served in fast food style and places selling them can be found at almost every corner in Rhodes City and the villages of Rhodes.

Rhodes is also famed for its wide choice of mouth-watering sweets such as `kataifi`, `baklava` , `talagoutes` (pancakes with honey, walnuts, sesame and cinnamon), as well as the local `belekounia` (a sesame and honey sweet).

What to Eat

a sort of pasta cooked with tomato sauce or meat
the famous dish with potatoes, eggplant, cheese and béchamel
squid risotto
macaroni with béchamel and tomato sauce
Vegetable rissoles, with or without ground beef
Local sweet dish, prepared in ritual fashion and served at weddings and baptisms
Koulouria or matsi
Hand made pasta boiled in goat stock, browned in fresh butter and sprinkled with grated Parmesan. This is a legacy from the days of the Italian rule, still served at traditional weddings
Pilafi tou gamou (wedding rice)
A specialty of Lindos with rice, meat stock, chick peas and browned butter
Mizithra cheese in birne with peppercorn
Pancakes with honey, walnut, sesame and cinnamon - a speciality of Archagelos

Restaurants and Tavernas

Dining out is exceptionally common in Greece. The `Taverna` and `Estiatorio` (restaurant) are widespread, serving traditional Greek food at affordable prices. The main difference between a restaurant and a Greek taverna is the way the food is served. In a restaurant you choose your own meal, served on a big plate, while in a taverna you share a wide array of food (called mezes) that is placed in the middle of the table so everybody could reach for his or her favorite food. It is also very common in Greece to eat out in tavernas late into the night. Dining out is part of the Greek culture and enjoying a get together over dinner is for the Greeks as important as enjoying the food. Lots of laughing and storytelling accompany a dinner out therefore a dinner in a taverna might take several hours.

There is an abundance of restaurants and traditional tavernas in Rhodes City as well a number of traditional tavernas in the villages of Rhodes where you can taste the delicious local food. Rhodes Town and Lindos have lots of good restaurants, offering international cuisine, from Italian and Chinese to traditional Greek. Other resorts have a decent spread of restaurants and bars as well. When in Rhodes be sure to sample the seafood and local wines. Treat yourself to a meal alfresco within sight and sound of the sea and enjoy a meal of grilled seafood, a meze of tasters, perhaps including tender octopus or spanakopita (savory phyllo pastry parcels with a filling of chopped spinach, and feta cheese), a slice of melon, a glass of chilled island wine, and a thick, strong Greek coffee to finish.


Restaurants which have changed history, atmospheric eating houses in renovated medieval buildings and captain`s houses, fish taverns on the water`s edge, village taverns in the verdant countryside and ethnic dining options are just some of the choices available to you.

In Rhodes Town

One of the oldest fish restaurants on the island, and among the best in Greece. Whether you sit in the picturesque courtyard or on the small patio, you will enjoy creative, masterful cooking, Wide choice of seafood mezedes and shellfish. Do try the fresh octopus on the grill with its ink, it is too good to miss. The stramed petrosolines ( a kind of mollusk) are delectable, as are the tiny Symi shrimps. Quite well chosen wine list. Open all year round (except December and January)

Alexis 4 Seasons
Atmospheric restaurant (brother of the well known Alexis) in a handsome two storey stone building. Large shady garden on three levels. Spacious warm winter dining room. Mediterranean cuisine emphasizing fish and sea food. Open year round.

Nea Selini
The Old Town`s well known bar was recently renovated and transformed into a cafe/ouzo taverna serving authentic traditional Greek dishes. Try the charcoal-grilled griskin with rosemary, veal with wild herbs, fresh seafood, and salads. You will drink wine from their remarkable variety, Rhodian suma, and Creta raki. Open from the morning onwards for coffee or ouzo. The kitchen serves from 7pm to 2 am.

One of the most famous restaurants on the island and one of the best in Greece (honored every year with a Golden Hat award by the Athinorama magazine). Michalis and Dimitris Mavrikios carry on the family tradition with skill and enthusiasm. Enjoy their famous lobster spaghetti and other dishes, mainly based on seafood, in the lovely courtyard. Superlative preserves, served with a glass of homemade liqueur, particularly nice are the limoncello, the souma with saffron and pepper and the 15-herb liqueur.

In the new part of Rhodes town should not miss a visit to the tavern-ouzeri Koykos located in Nikiforou Mandilara. Build in a beautiful traditional house with small tables in the garden and various terraces. Busy mostly with local people all year around! Excellent choice of meat and fish meze. Recommended are the melanzanosaganaki, baby calamari, saganaki, bekri meze chichen or pork. Tasta a local suma as well. Low prices.

Ouzeri Tapedaladika
In Menekleous square in old town offers a simple environment and great service. You will find an extensive menu of starters (meze) to match with ouzo or a glass of wine. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, frequented mainly by locals. Choose different plates of meze as grilled octopus, melanzanosalata, sea urchins, grilled haloumi cheese, Symi shrimp and small fish from leros. Average prices.

Marco Polo restaurant
In the old town offers a cuisine that looks to the future without losing sight of the traditions of the island. Located in the garden of a typical medieval house it offers a high standard of quality for those in search of something more exclusive. Higher prices.

Bonito ar gallery
In the district of San Francesco is an enchanting place where besides tasting traditional dishes revisited by the South American chef, visitors can enjoy the entertainment of a live band and great Mojitos. Also suitable for after dinner. Average prices.

A friendly and unique restaurant in the port of Madraki in the so-called New Market. Compared to the tourist restaurants of the old town you will find the service much more informal. You can try a variety of salads and plates from Turkish and Greek cuisine. Average prices.

Nireas restaurant
In Sofokles street is very touristy, but probably one of the best fish restaurants in the old town of Rhodes. Located in a charming square with tables placed under a pergola. The menu is not very large, offered are dishes of fresh fish such as sea urchins, squid and little choice of meat dishes. Excellent mussels saganaki, with a tomato sauce and feta cheese and small Symi shrimp For sweet lovers a baklava is a must; it is served with ice cream. Medium to high prices.

The Rustic tavern
In the old town, in a quiet street close to the Tower, you will find the Rustic tavern offering a warm and friendly atmosphere. Among the taverns of the old town is the one closest to the classic Greek taverna. Kostas the owner offers a wide choice of dishes of Greek cuisine, very tasty grilled mix meat, kleftiko (baked lamb with potatoes) and homemade musaka!. Average price. Very good!

Kostas taverna
Located in an alley a few yards from the market in the old city. It is much simpler than the usual tourist restaurants but offers fine food-meze, including fish such as squid, cuttlefish and octopus and good prices. The owners are a couple, a bit slow in service, but the atmosphere is very warm and friendly ideal for a relaxing evening. You will find at the entrance cards written by the visitors that speak of their experience. Average prices.
Places to eat in the villages out of Rhodes town

Yannis tavern
In Koskinou in a very little street, great atmosphere, typical village place offers traditional homemade dishes . After dinner get lost in the alleys of Koskinou, with its pastel-colored houses. Average prices.

A typical tavern in Afanadou located a few steps from the seafront offers traditional dishes as baked lamb with potatoes. Low prices.

Yanis and Massasoura
Maritsa village hosts a very charming square with two nice taverns called Yanis and Masasoura. The Masasoura is more popular and always full of locals, the food is great in both as well as the atmosphere. Average prices.

Maria Place
On the road that leads to the beach of Tzampika it is owned by Maria and her family. The garden with manicured lawn is full of games for kids. Ideal restaurant for families. Low prices.

Lindos and the south of Rhodes

A fabulous old captain`s house (built in 1605) transformed into a restaurant with a style all its own. Atmospheric dining room with Lindian sofas and antiques, pebble-strewn courtyard and a spectacular view of the Acropolis from the two little terraces. Well-cooked Greek and international dishes, fresh fish, lobster and other kinds of seafood. Delicious sweets. The menus themselves are lovely, hand-embroidered with little details drawn from the decoration of the restaurant. Extensive wine list with Greek and European labels.

The seaside village of Stegna is famous for the best fish tavernas on the island of Rhodes. In the small port local fishermen bring in fresh fish daily that you will find served in waterfront taverns. Excellent choices at the tavernas: Old Port, O gialos and Mary restaurant.

Lindos offers a multitude of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. As the summer heat rises diners start to climb as high as they can to catch a little breeze as they eat. The restaurant upper-terraces almost float like rafts in a surreal sea.

The tavern by Stefanos in Kiotari it is a real institution for fish lovers. The restaurant is beautifully situated on the seafront offering simple traditional seafood, great grilled octopus, stuffed calamari, grilled sea brass and more. Average prices.