By Car

Private means of transport even if they cost more, are ideal in order to explore each part of the island and to discover its hidden beauties. The infrastructure is very good; the main road around the island is 45 miles long, flat and well marked. Having a car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving license with you, use your seat belt and never drive if you have been drinking.

By Bus

The bus is the most safe and cheapest way to get around the island of Paros.

In Parikia, the bus station is located on the Paros waterfront, and from there you can find buses that follow all routes. The frequency of routes depends on the season; however, bus transport is frequent and precise during the summer months and connects a lot of regions of Paros such as Parikia, Naoussa, Aliki, Punda, Golden Beach (or Chrissi Akti). They are very inexpensive for example the fare between Parikia and Naoussa is 1.40 Euros and usually very punctual.

The main bus stations in Parikia and Naoussa are open most of the day and provide you with free photocopies of the timetables. There are new timetables approximately once every week or 10 days, as there are busses added to the schedule until the high season, when the busses run very frequently and even all through the night. Even during the low season there are busses approximately every hour between Parikia and Naoussa, the island`s most important towns, until about midnight.

Note: Busses also stop for you in the middle of nowhere, so if you see one and want to hop on it, just wave! If you are on it and want to get off somewhere, just give the bus driver a sign!

By Taxi

The taxi is the best way to move around, but also the most expensive. The prices are determined each year and are fixed for each destination in the island. There are no taxi-meters. You can find a taxi in Parikia, in the central square and also in Naoussa by the little river that flows through the main road. A good tip is to keep the mobile phone number of every taxi you pick up on the street so that you can call them later and arrange for them to pick you up. The telephone of the taxi center in Parikia is (+30 22840) 21500.

By Small Boat (`kaiki` or caique)

Small boats (caiques) are very popular too. Caiques are safe and the tickets are quite cheap. This way you can visit lots of isolated beaches of the island! It is the only way to reach certain steep beaches of Paros or the beautiful Antiparos. Such boats depart from Parikia or Punda (which should not be confused with Punda Beach). Not to be recommended on a windy day if you get seasick easily!

By Bicycle

For people who are very fit (steep hills!!!) it is a nice and ecological way to travel around the island, and the roads on Paros are fairly good. You can rent bikes for little money (around 7 Euro per day).

Remember: The roads are not only tricky and steep, but also narrow, and it can be dangerous due to cars and motorbikes overtaking you at high speed. When you are cycling, be sure to ride behind one another, not next to each other! Beware of the heat (sunstroke)! Take enough water with you!

By Motorcycle or Moped

One of the most popular means of getting around the island(s) is motorbikes and mopeds. They are fairly cheap (from around 10 Euros & upwards per day, depending on model and season) and have a great advantage: you can go wherever you like. As the roads on Paros are all pretty good compared to other islands, Paros might be ideal for using this form of transportation. It`s also convenient if you like to discover the last corners where the bus won`t get you, or you want to go to a remote beach that is not close enough to the bus stop.

On Foot or Hitchhiking

Walking around in Paros is a very beautiful way to wander in the island and to admire its natural beauties and the other sights. Very enjoyable during the low season, when it isn`t so hot, especially in the spring, when there are flowers everywhere! Discover the nature, unusual plants, herbs, hidden monasteries, old windmills, a lighthouse ... things that you are not likely to find along the main road.

Where to walk? There is one famous and beautiful walking route: The `Byzantine Trail` (from the town Lefkes down to the sea). A good idea is to choose a route connecting two towns that are not too far away from each other (unless you are very fit!), and just start walking. Be sure to take a map with you! In case you get lost or tired, try to find the next main road and wait for the bus or hitch a ride.

We do not recommend it, as everyone knows it *can* be dangerous, but it is very common around the islands. Many islanders will stop willingly andgive you a ride to wherever you want. You might experience nice things,being invited to a family farm and offered fresh goat milk or to aparty, etc. Remember not to stick your thumb out, as it could beconsidered as an insult, just wave or hold your arm out! Never do it ifyou are a single female!