The island of Paros has plenty of drinking and dancing venues for an exciting night out. Whatever your taste, Paros offers it. Perhaps it doesn`t have the outrageous entertainments that you may find in the neighboring islands of Mykonos or Ios but Paros certainly knows how to party! Many of the bars, beach bars and nightclubs are concentrated in Parikia and a little further northward, down the coast at Naoussa, although there are many beach bars throughout the island which organize beach parties and concerts, often lasting all night. Some suggest that Naoussa is a little more sophisticated and it tends to be where the local population goes for their night`s entertainment whereas Parikia is thought to be more relaxed and international. Both however are excellent and you will be made to feel really welcome.

Whatever your taste in music you are sure to find it; from jazz, blues, house, rock, mainstream, punk, traditional Greek, classical and so on. Prices are always very reasonable and below are some recommendations to try but, before you do, two points need to be made. Firstly, as on all Greek islands, what was successful and vibrant one year may, in fact, have gone the next year.

The majority of the bars and cafes in Parikia are along the seafront, with the nightclubs being a little further at the end of the promenade at the edge of the town in an area known as the river bank. Typically, people begin their night`s entertainment by `bar hopping` along the promenade, stopping off to eat at one of the many excellent restaurants along the way, and ending up in the club area at the end of the seafront after midnight. Some of the places you should visit during your night out in Parikia are listed in alphabetical order below:

Saloon D`Or
This great cocktail bar on the seafront of Parikia is one of the oldest bars in the Cyclades, having been established 32 years ago in 1978. Then, and now, it is one of the main bars in the center of nightlife in Parikia. It is located directly on the seafront, about half way down, just in front of the Frankish Castle. It has plenty of very comfortable seating, both in and outside the bar and also is one of the few places in Greece where you will find the Egyptian Hanoukah, (or hookah/hubble bubble) pipe which can be ordered with your drink. The Saloon D`Or plays great music; new and classic R&B and rap, house and classic rock and its blaring beats and bass can be heard well before you get there. It has a large dance floor, an international crowd and a great atmosphere.

The Dubliner
Is a legendary dancing bar in Paros and, in fact, comprises several bars: The Salsa bar which plays mostly salsa and Caribbean music; The Tequila bar; the Down Under bar (a meeting place for Australian and New Zealanders, playing music mainly from the Antipodes), and the Dubliner bar itself which plays great dance music. In this complex you will also find the Paros Rock Club with fantastic rock music and the Envy Club which plays dance music. The Dubliner is more than two blocks in length and has a capacity of approximately 3.5 thousand people. For sporting fans there is also a wide screen that shows Irish sporting events as well as major live football tournaments. The Dubliner is probably the wildest nightspot in Parikia and a great time is guaranteed.

Slammer Bar
Located just around the corner from the main nightspots by the river bank, the Slammer Bar `does what it says on the tin` its specialty being tequila slammers. There is a small outdoor patio and a dance floor.

Spiti, or House Bar
This unique bar is `alternative` in many ways. Located on the ground floor and courtyard of the owner`s house in the Old Town, Spiti, is fast becoming renowned for its non-commercial laid-back atmosphere. The main musical direction is reggae dub, soul, funk and teckhouse music. Although Tuesdays is given over to mostly (underground) hip hop and Wednesdays to rock, punk and metal. It also hosts some wild parties with house and guest DJs. It has a fan page on Facebook where you can find out about future events and parties.

Easy to spot because it is a bar located in a restored and converted windmill right on the water`s edge. A perfect romantic place to sit, sipping a cool drink, and watch the sun setting. Good music. Both Greek and foreign.

Alga Nightclub
Located at the end of the seafront this tastefully decorated bar caters for a fairly young and trendy customer. Plays club music, a lot of English top ten hits as well as Rock, Latin and 60s music. In the tourist season it often has lively theme nights.

Evinos Bar
Situated in an old beachfront house on the seafront, close to the OTE building, Evinos Bar is always busy and is a popular venue with locals and tourists alike. Delicious fresh fruit cocktails and loud mainstream music including funk, soul and American and English rock. Fantastic views of the port, the sea and the sunset from its large terrace.

Kialoa Club/bar
On the seafront at Parikia, the Greek owned Kialoa is very fashionable with Greeks and tourists from around the globe. Friendly and welcoming, it is a favorite for early drinks and late/early morning parties. Magnificent views are to be had from the large outdoor terrace and the cocktails are to die for! If you enjoy Greek dancing, this is the place to come. Music ranges from mainstream to Greek hits.

Situated next to the ancient cemetery this is another popular venue for locals, especially the younger generation. It comprises a wine bar, restaurant, live music and attractive roof garden.

Pebbles Bar
Beautifully, classic jazz bar and creperie, situated on the first floor of an old house on the seafront. Its balcony is a wonderful place to sit with your drink and watch the sun go down, all perfectly accompanied by classical music or jazz. During the summer there are often live jazz events at the weekend.

Is a good place for Greek music. It is situated below the Simple Café on the south-western side of the waterfront.


Naoussa, north of the island, also has a booming night life although generally it is a bit more expensive than Parikia. The location is wonderful as all the clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes are located on the seafront of this tiny picturesque fishing village. The nightclubs are a little more sophisticated than you will find in Parikia and, in some, there is a dress code. Many of the venues are housed in old renovated fisherman`s storage areas.

Below are some of the best:

Located in the old harbor, the Agosta Bar has breathtaking views to the front of the pretty port of Naoussa and, to the rear, of the beach of Aghios Dimitrios. The Agosta has two floors where you can dance until late into the night.

Located on Naoussa river bed, the nightclub area of Naoussa. This club plays mainly Greek music. It has a good dancing area and a very comfortable outdoor terrace. Open until the early hours.

Open all day this café turns into a great little club at night playing house and mainstream music to dance to. Located in the Old Town by the seafront.

Buena Vista
A great dance bar which is located on Aghios Dimitrios Beach. Converted from an old family house the club plays a good range of mainstream music.

Café Del Mar
Like quite a few of the venues in Parikia and Naoussa, the Café del Mar is a café/bar during the day and becomes a bar/club at night. Located in the picturesque harbor, practically at the water`s edge, it is perfect for an after dinner drink. There is a good dance floor which plays mainly 90s house music later in the evening. During the early evening you can enjoy lounge music whilst sipping your drink with your toes in the sea.

This fantastic nightclub is considered by some (especially Greeks) to be the place to go in the early hours of the morning for non-stop partying. Located in a building that is over 400 years old and situated directly on the old Venetian harbor the atmosphere created is magical. The club plays mostly progressive house music until the early hours of the morning.

Music-Dance Naoussa
If you feel you want to see something a bit different and more traditional, look out for posters advertising this music and dance group. Formed in 1988 to keep up traditional customs, the group performs regularly throughout the summer months all over the island. Wearing traditional costumes dating from 16th century and dancing local dances you will certainly get a taste of Paros customs throughout history.

This great mainstream nightclub is situated on the outskirts of Naoussa town, close to the bus station. With its beautiful traditional island décor, it is cool and classy and has a reputation for being a bit more upmarket than the other clubs in Naoussa. Thus said, it has a great atmosphere and is very popular with Greeks and foreign tourists alike.

Shark Bar
Is a small and cozy bar right on the seafront of the harbor. Comfortable sofas on the beach for relaxing on whilst drinking and good mainstream party music sprinkled with a little Greek now and again.

Like Nestos, the Vareladiko nightclub is situated on the outskirts of the town by the bus station. This is the place to go if you love Greek dance music. Great DJs and all night dancing.
Beach Bars

Krios Beach Bar
Directly adjacent to Krios Camp site this bar is right on the beach. Great DJ `Fat George` and good music and dancing till early hours.

This legendary café/bar, restaurant is situated just outside Parikia on Souvlia Beach. Walking, it takes around 15 minutes heading towards, Parsporos, Alyki and the airport but will take only a few minutes if you go by car or bike. It is a great place to meet up with friends and is popular with locals. The music is a good mix of reggae, Latin and Indian and the kitchen offers a tantalizing selection of international dishes but specializing in Asian cuisine. It has very comfortable sofas as well as beautiful imported Thai beach beds to wallow around in. Live events are held in the summer and the venue is suitable for all age groups, including children.

Paros Kite Center Beach Bar
Situated at Pounta Beach, opposite Antiparos, this is a lively beach bar, popular with kite boarders and windsurfers. The music is funky and the selection of cocktails and beers are amazing. You won`t just find the ubiquitous Mythos here; they serve 18 different kinds of beer. Ringside views of any kite boarding and windsurfing exhibitions taking place on the beach as you relax and take it easy.

Pounta Beach Bar
Partying goes on every night all night during the summer. Pounta Beach Bar is a complex of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and swimming pools that is open day and night on Pounta beach. The complex has some very good nightclubs where mainstream and Greek music are played. Always busy and very popular with young people seeking a lively time.

The port at Parikia has two outdoor summer cinemas, Cine Rex and Paros Cinema and there is also another outdoor cinema at the seaside resort of Naoussa. All three cinemas often screen films in English during high season.