The island of Paros has a huge range of sporting and fun activities for everyone. Like many of the Greek islands, the beautiful Aegean coastline, its marine life and its multitude of underwater caves and shipwrecks makes it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Paros is also a popular choice for water sports like windsurfing, kite boarding, paragliding and water skiing and there is a good selection of facilities and schools available for beginners and experienced alike. The conditions are perfect and the World Windsurfing Cup is held on Paros, at New Golden Beach, every August.
The island also has an abundance of wonderful beaches, isolated bays and tiny deserted islands which are wonderful for visiting by sailing boat. There is an excellent sailing club in Parikia where you can learn how to navigate a dinghy as well as many places where you can rent dinghies and sailing boats.

Around the island you will also find companies which offer daily cruises to neighboring islands or around the coast of Paros, some of them incorporating diving experiences and fishing trips. Don`t miss the opportunity to visit the small islet of Antíparos, lying southwest of Paros, which can easily be reached from Poúnda or Parikiá by boat. The Hora (Main Town) of Antíparos is built around a 15th century Venetian castle. The stone paved streets, the whitewashed alleys, the houses decorated with thriving pink and purple bougainvilleas and the central square in the shade of eucalyptus trees create an enchanting atmosphere. On Áyios Ioannis Hill lies the cave of Antíparos, distinctive for its marvelous stalagmite and stalactite formations whereas sun-kissed beaches will offer you unforgettable moments of serenity.

Aqua Paros

This exciting water park is part of the hotel Porto Paros complex and is located on the road to Monastery beach past Kolymbrithres. Using sea water as opposed to chlorinated, it has 13 water slides, with slides for swimmers hurling you into the sea and the non-swimmers` slides ending in a separate, shallow pool of seawater. In addition to the slides, Aqua Paros has a `black hole` ride and river ride with inflatable rings to carry you round. The setting is delightful, providing sun beds and umbrellas, refreshments and plenty of cool, lush vegetation. It is clean and well maintained with plenty of lifeguards to ensure user`s safety. Aqua Paros provides transport to bring people to and from the park and the price of this is included in the entrance fee. Tickets for the park and the bus can be bought any of the travel agents around the island but you must book a day in advance. If you are bringing your children to enjoy the water but your intention is to enjoy the park and the sun reduced price tickets are available. The Aqua Paros Waterpark provides unique entertainment for all age groups. The Porto Paros hotel also has several tennis courts and conventional swimming pools.

Pounda Beach Resort

Not to be confused with Pounta beach close to Perikia, the Pounda Beach resort can be found on the eastern side of the island and is a large holiday club which is very lively and popular with young people who want to party all day and night. It is a beach complex on two levels that incorporate bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and swimming pools. In the summer it offers beach parties, beach volleyball and bungee jumping on its fine sandy beachfront.

Go Karting

Located at Elatas, just inland a little from Perikia, you will find the exciting Go Kart track of Paros. Safety helmets are provided and the facility is well supervised at all times. Suitable for children (minimum age 3 years) and adults. Small children have their own specially designed court. Refreshments are available for spectators.


Don`t miss the opportunity to experience an exhilarating touringall around the coast of the island by canoe or kayak! Enjoy the unusualnatural landscape with impressive white rock formations on Kolymbíthresbeach. On your kayaking trip, don't miss out on the beach of Kalóyeros.Surrounded by red and green clay rocks it offers a really effective spafor free! Cover your body with clay and let it dry in the sun; after awhile rinse yourself in the sea and your body will feel softer thanever!


Discover the island`s stunning beauty by hiking! Walk along `strátes`, the trails created by farmers to help them cross the island and transport their goods. It`s like stepping back into history. Here are two itineraries you might like to try:

The Byzantine Léfkes-Pródromos trail, paved with marble paving stones most of the way, takes an hour to walk. It starts from the verdant village of Léfkes and crosses slopes with cultivated terraces and a small Byzantine bridge. The final destination is to the beautiful village of Pródromos with its impressive maze-like alleys.

Starting from the village of Márpissa, with its Byzantine churches, 17th century houses and quaint windmills walk towards Kéfalos Hill and Áyios Antónios Monastery. Going uphill along the cobblestone path, you will come across the ruins of the Venetian town of Kéfalos and the Castle. At the top, enjoy the view over the eastern part of the island and visit the Monastery of Áyios Antónios with its gold-leaf wood-carved iconostasis.

Horseback Riding

Discover the island on horseback! There are two horse-riding centers, one by the sea, at Ambelás, and one at Ystérni. Ride around the coast, along the sandy beaches or take a detour inland - a great way to see for yourself some of the most beautiful spots on the island!

Religious Festivals

If you find yourself in such an event, don`t forget to taste the sweet smelling wines produced in the island`s vineyards. Paros is in fact one of the oldest Mediterranean wine-making areas, with its own protected designation of origin wines! Another perfect occasion to visit the island is during the celebrations on August 15th, when cultural events are organized around the church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani. Easter celebrations are quite impressive, especially in the villages of Márpissa, Mármara and Pródromos. In autumn the locals pay tribute to their `rakidia` a locally made spirit and celebrations culminate in the Feast of Ayios Georgios Methistis, when the new wine made that year is uncorked for the very first time.