No wonder some people call Mykonos the `Ibiza` of Greece; during summertime, Mykonos nightlife is the most vibrant in Greece and is famous worldwide for its extravagant parties and events organized in all the clubs, bars and beach bars of Mykonos Island. The party atmosphere is felt all day and all night long in Mykonos beach bars, bar restaurants and clubs with famous DJ sets from all over the world and the opportunity to dance until the morning in the best bars in Mykonos for the most unforgettable nightlife experience!

The cosmopolitan and party atmosphere of Mykonos began in the 1960s, when the island flourished greatly with the arrival of many famous Athenians and world artists. Many of the Greek `jetsetters` either have a house here or visit every summer, and the nightlife is very developed. You will see a lot of eccentrics especially at night time. Even though it is a party-island, it is not as loud as for example Ios and Kos, so you can get sleep at night. Mykonos has a reputation for being a summer resort for mainly gay men, which is not entirely true. The gay audience is present, but it is also a glamorous place for the rich and famous, which is painfully clear to whoever has a look at the prices on the menus. From chic and expensive bars offering excellent drinks and food to modern clubs and cafeterias, Mykonos has it all. For those who prefer a more romantic night style, there is the famous neighborhood of Little Venice in Mykonos Town, with a great variety of bars at the beach front.
Bars & Clubs

Most of the bars and clubs are in Mykonos Town (Chora). They are quite stylish and the prices can sometimes be outrageous. There are also beach parties going on all through the summer so keep a lookout for advertising posters. At the Three Wells you will find the famous Aegli (one of the hot spots) and on the other side of the road, the Asteria bar and the Coo restaurant bar. At The Caprice bar in Little Venice, from early afternoon, you can enjoy amazing sunset views. Nearby is the famous Scandinavian bar. The well- known gay bar of Pierro`s start its wild parties after midnight, behind the square of Agia Kyriaki, while Remezzo with its new name El Pecado Remezzo still has its top spot in Mykonos nightlife, just under Remezzo, the bar restaurant Kavos stays open 24 hours, so there is no problem if you want to eat something after the night clubbing. The night party can go on until the morning and be continued in the famous beach bars of Mykonos like Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana in Paradise beach, Super Paradise bar, in Super Paradise beach, Sol Y Mar in Kalo livadi,and Elia bar in Elia beach.
For the Greek Music fans (Ellinadika), among the most popular are the Thalami next to the town hall and the Mykonos Bar. The Giuzel 9 Muses at the east side of Akti Kambani and the Argo bar at the square of Manto.

The poetic setting of Little Venice is the ideal place to start in the late afternoon with cocktails and chill-out music in one of its many romantic bars to prime your mood for after-midnight reviling. Among them Caprice is a classic, offering stunning sunset views by the water. Galleraki (Little Gallery) is another one in a poetic-artistic ambient. Further along the harbor front, next to Paraportiani Church, you can also enjoy sunsets and drinks at Kastro. By the port, Nine Muses `specializes` in Greek-tinged fun.

At the other side of the old harbor, you will find superb vistas to the marinas and Chora, El Pecado is a requisite stop. Right above that, overlooking the open Aegean Sea, you`ll find the cute Oniro on the road to Tourlos.

Bustling with energy, `downtown` Mykonos is where a number of clubs are gathered offering anything from transvestite techno to mainstream rock music. Pierro`s, at the little crowded square of Ag. Kyriaki, was the very first gay bar to have opened on the island, while Manto and Ikaros are also on that same spot next to each other. Spacedance Experience , at Lakka square, as its name suggests, offers non-stop partying all night long with various DJ-sets and an agenda full of events. On the central Matogianni street there are several to-see-and-to-be-seen bars like the Anchor (Agyra) , Egli, Astra, Argo, and Celebrities, attracting diverse crowds ranging from celebrities to backpackers.

Cavo Paradiso, built on a rock above Paradise Beach like a theatre expanding on the extraordinary landscape, is a unique dance-music `shelter` leading the trends since 1993 when it first opened, the ultimate after-hours club on the island with an ever impressive lineup of guests. Also offering high-energy levels of partying at Paradise beach is Tropicana. At Paraga Beach, Kalua has helped to establish this lovely smaller beach as an alternative to Paradise in partying terms.

Skandinavian Bars - Disco leads the nightlife of Mykonos since 1978. It is the best known meeting point of the island. The variety inexpensive cocktails, and drinks, plus the easy open location, help to create a fun night in Mykonos.