Once you`re in one of the major towns, you`ll find that, as far as transportation goes, your feet should suffice. However, if you find yourself growing weary or need to get somewhere fast, taxi cabs are available. Before hopping into a cab, it`s also a good idea to write down the address of your destination to avoid any confusion.

Crete makes an excellent spring/autumn hike destination, with recognized trekking routes concentrated in Chania`s Lefká Óri (White Mountains) and Heraklion`s Psilorítis range; Loraine Wilson`s The High Mountains of Crete (Cicerone, £14) is the definitive guide. Much of it describes long-distance trail E4, which traverses the island from end to end at altitudes ranging from coastal to high-mountain. Allow at least a month for the whole route.