Taxis in Crete can be found anywhere, particularly in the large towns. Taxis are quite cheap in Greece, so they can be considered a very convenient way of moving around in Crete. Using a taxi in the cities of Heraklion or Chania will rarely cost more than 3€.

Taxi fare structures are the same all over Greece and they are regulated by the Greek State. Taxis in cities and bigger towns MUST use the meter and the driver has to switch it on when you get in. If he forgets to do so, then ask him to. As some fares are fixed (e.g. from the port/airport to a tourist place), it is advised to ask the driver for the total fare before you get aboard. Tipping taxi drivers in Greece is optional but common. For journeys within towns, expect to pay no more than 2€ to 5€.

There are two basic tariffs: Tariff 1 and Tariff 2. Depending on the time of day and the journey the driver must select the correct rate. Tariff 1 is the "day rate" used from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm and Tariff 2 is the night rate valid from 12.00 pm to 5.00 am. Also, tariff number 1 is used within the limits of the town or city where the taxi is registered and tariff number 2 is used outside that zone.

Taxi drivers in Crete are marginally better than some parts of the world, however it is suggested that you protect yourself from overcharging by knowing the decent rate for the journey you need, and agreeing on this before the journey. Most Cretan taxi drivers are savvy enough to know that by using this method, you are an aware customer, and not ready to be ripped off today.