Few places can match the sheer beauty of Santorini`s sunset views. The bewitchingly beautiful sunsets can be savored from many vantage positions in the island.. Oia offers some of the most inspiring sunset views in the whole of Santorini. Due to the fact that the romantic Santorini sunset is so potent, couples prefer to spend the late afternoons in the company of each other. Undoubtedly, Oia is among the most romantic places in the world. A novel way of experiencing the Santorini sunset is by embarking on a sunset cruise on board a traditional Santorini boat. Most of the harbors of the island run regular sunset cruises and it is a sheer delight to be on board and witness the ethereal sunset.

The towns and villages of Santorini are dotted with buildings that have been built after the catastrophic earthquake in 1956. Many of the older buildings collapsed in the earthquake, the newer buildings which include hotels and restaurants have been built mostly on the cliffs so as to provide visitors and residents alike with truly mesmerizing views of Santorini`s natural beauty and sunsets. For the avid photographer, there is no place like Santorini. It is the Mecca of outdoor photography.