By Foot

Recommended routes by foot include the amazing walk from Fira to Oia (note that this walk is less nice in reverse, it can take less than three hours but can be difficult, for up and downhill climbs, the rocky surface at times, and the proximity to unprotected cliffs that drop sharply into the caldera) along the caldera, as well as the paths over Perissa Rock connecting Perissa, Kamari, and Pyrgos. The walk between Perissa and Kamari is fairly short (via Ancient Thira), while the walk to Pyrgos is somewhat longer, passing through the highest point on the island. The views are breathtaking and you could find different kinds and colors of rocks and plants as you walk. The walking route is different from where the city buses go.

By CAr

If you intend to stay on the island for more than 4 days, hiring a car will provide the most freedom and comfort for travel. However, during the summer, the roads become very hectic since many drivers are visitors to the island and do not know their way around, while locals tend to drive at full speed. Get a map if you intend to travel. But get a Greek language one as well as an English one as the Greek place names are more likely to correspond with the local road signs. And be aware that many maps can have little or no relation to the roads, especially in rural areas. Road edition maps are usually the most accurate.

Please Note: If you park in town or in a no-parking area, the police will remove your license plates, and you, not the car rental office, will have to pay a hefty fine to get them back! Free parking is available on the port`s north side, although it is usually full.

Warning: Drive with caution, especially at night, when you will undoubtedly be sharing the roads with motorists returning from an evening of drinking.

By Bus

You can easily travel around Santorini using the local bus service, which is air conditioned, reliable and cost effective. The central bus station is just south of the main square in Fira and this is where you will find the bus schedules, but note that timetables can change without prior notice. Most routes operate every 30 to 60 minutes from 7am to 11pm in high season. The conductor on board will collect fares, which range from 2€ to 5€. Destinations include Akrotiri, Athinios (the ferry pier), Oia, Kamari, Monolithos (the airport), Perissa, Perivolas Beach, Vlihada and Vourvoulos. Buses are adequate for main routes like Fira-Oia or Fira-Kamari, but sparse otherwise, and packed to the rafters during July and August.

From Santorini Monolithos airport (4 miles from town near the east coast), KTEL buses provide regular shuttles to the main bus station in Firá (approximately 4€). Schedules are posted at the bus stop beside the airport entrance.

From the ferry dock at Athinios, buses meet each boat and return directly to Fira (one way to Fira costs about 3€).

Bus Company:
Phone: +30 22860 25462

By Taxi

The taxi station is just south of the main square. Taxis in Santorini are silver, and they can be hailed on the street or arrive by appointment. Always book ahead by phone in high season! You are advised to ask for the fare before getting in the taxi in order to avoid any surprises. Prices are fixed for most point-to-point trips (Fira to Oia, for example). If you call for a taxi outside Fira, you`ll be charged a pickup fee of at least 2€ in addition to the driver`s fare from Fira to your pickup point. Bus service stops at midnight, so book a taxi in advance if you`ll need it late at night.

Note: Don`t be alarmed if the driver picks up another fare, this is usual, although the driver should ask first if it is OK.

Radio Taxi Service
Phone: +30 22860 22555/ +30 22860 23951

By Bicycle

One of the most popular means of getting around the island is by moped or bicycle. Rental agencies can be found at the ports and in the business districts. Mountain bikes cost from 15€ per day from Moto Chris (tel. 22860/23-431), in Fira, and Moto Piazza (tel. 22860/71-055), in Oia. It`s a good idea to check the brakes and steering before you ride off. Mopeds cost about 25€ per day. Greek law now requires wearing a helmet, but not all agents supply the helmet. Also, don`t wear shorts or sandals; and get a phone number, in case of breakdown.

Warning: Although narrow and winding, Santorini`s roads are in fairly good condition; it`s the drivers you must worry about. Local drivers take the roads at high speed and visiting drivers usually aren`t sure where they`re going.

Cable Car

The cable car travels from Fira harbor up to Fira town (approximately 5€).


If your boat docks at the port at Skala, directly below Fira, head to town either by cable car (5€) or donkey (5€); or you can do the 45 minute walk uphill, but be prepared to share the narrow path with the donkeys. We recommend a donkey up and the cable car down.