Santorini is a fun place to shop. Small boutiques dot the villages that sit on the cliff. In the summer months they are open until quite late, so you have time to find the perfect things to take home with you.


Fira is where you'll find most of the shopping on the island. It has dozens of stores lining its small cobblestoned streets. You'll find everything from cheap souvenirs to trendy clothing. Santorini is especially known for its jewelry shops. Odos Ipapantis (Gold Street) is lined with them. The shops of gold street offer the latest design jewelry collections of famous Greek and foreign houses. There are also many shops with handmade jewelry made of silver and other precious materials, in definitely more budget prices. Lalaounis in the Ypapantis shopping center is a well-known shop for vintage-inspired pieces. The designer has shops all over Greece.

Every shopping street of the island's capital is filled with boutiques offering the latest trends in international fashion for clothes, shoes and accessories, coming from great fashion houses from all over Europe. In the center of Fira there is also a big cosmetics store offering a wide variety of perfumes and sun creams.


The market of Oia is equally important. The picturesque little shops of the village offer clothing from a variety of labels, styles, and designers, souvenirs and objects and works of art coming from different cultures. It boasts an array of jewelry stores, but what it's really known for is its art scene. Go there to find exclusive art galleries featuring contemporary Greek art. Oia has four art galleries exhibiting paintings by known and unknown Greek and international artists, as well as several fashion boutiques and Atlantis Books, probably the best international book shop in the Cyclades, where you can get all sorts of books about Santorini and Greece that you probably would not be able to find elsewhere without a lot of searching.


In Firostefani, Art of the Loom sells authentic wooden objects from the textile factories of the 1950's that have been turned into art pieces and in some cases practical items, as well as jewelry, paintings, and crafts made by local artists, some well known.

Local Products

There are several stores selling traditional goods from the island, Santorini Products in Pyrgos is one where you can buy anything from Santorini wine to Santorini tomato seeds, as well as original art and crafts. Art Space winery is also a gallery full of original paintings, some by popular Greek artists, others by artists who one day may be popular.

Other more durable gifts from Santorini would be the tomato seeds, white eggplant seeds, local Canava ouzo, a bottle of Santorini Raki (or two is even better), or some of the delicious pickled and canned goods you can find in the shops selling traditional products.