How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

Granada's Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport is approximately 10 miles west of the city center. Other than a small tourist information booth and an ATM, there are few services. (Call tel. 90-240-47-04 for information). If you have not booked a private transfer with us then J. González buses operate from 5:20am until 8:00pm between the airport and the city center. Trip time is approximately 45 minutes and the fare is about 3€ one way.

Alternately, taxis are available outside the terminals at the airport and you can expect to pay around 17€ for cab fare from the airport to the city center. Legal taxis are metered, but it's a good idea to get an estimate of the fare from the driver before you climb aboard.

How do I get from the train station to my hotel?

Granada is well linked with the most important Spanish cities, especially those of Andalusia. The train station is Estación de RENFE de Granada, Av. Andaluces s/n (tel. 90-243-23-43. Luggage lockers (la consigna) are available at the train station. Granada has an extensive public bus network within the city and taxis are available.

How do I get around the city using public transportation?

Granada has an extensive public bus network within the city. The red buses are small enough to navigate some, but not all, of the narrow streets leading from the town's commercial center. A single ride costs 1€ while a booklet of nine tickets goes for 5.50€ and a booklet of 20 tickets sells for 11€. Bus no. 32 is the best choice for travelers since it operates from Old Granada to the Alhambra. Another good choice is bus no. 30, running from Plaza Nueva to the Alhambra. A final option is bus no. 31, which also leaves from Plaza Nueva and runs to the old ghetto, the Albaicín. To visit the major streets, which are good for shopping, bus no. 3 runs from the terminal to Avenida de la Constitución, Gran Vía, and Plaza Isabel la Católica. For information about public transportation, call tel. 90-071-09-00.

How do I call/hail a taxi?

Taxis can be hailed in the streets; a green dome light indicates the car is available. Taxis often line up outside first class hotels, near the Alhambra and at the Plaza Nueva. Most trips in the city cost around 8€. Call Radio Taxi at tel. 95-828-06-54 to arrange for service.

I will have a car in Granada, where can I park?

It's impossible to get around Granada by driving. The city is extremely compact and congested. A rental car is best left for exploring Andalucía and the surrounding Sierra Nevada. If you are renting a car we suggest you pick it up as you depart the city to avoid excessive rental/parking expenses.

Is Granada a walking city?

Granada is very compact. The best way to get around most neighborhoods, especially the hilly Albaicín and the Alhambra, is on foot.

Is Granada a dangerous city? Are there certain areas I should avoid?

Violent crime is uncommon, but petty crime can be a problem. Watch out for so-called 'guides' milling around the Alhambra; they may just be interested in picking your pocket. In order to keep yourself and your wallet safe you should always maintain your personal space. Lastly, do not pull out large amounts of money while shopping or using public transportation. Pickpockets generally prey on slower or distracted people. Families with children, confused tourists or older people are popular targets. Be alert, look confident and keep your valuables well hidden.

Can I pay/tip in US dollars?

The currency of Spain is the Euro. US dollars are not accepted. Please be sure to have the correct currency on hand or be prepared to exchange your dollars for euros upon arrival. Currency exchange desks can be found at the airport and many locations throughout the city. For more detailed information, consult our guide to tipping in Spain by clicking here.

I don't speak Spanish. Will many people speak English?

English may be spoken at your hotel and in the tourist areas, but not everywhere. We suggest you get a good English-Spanish dictionary and familiarize yourself with common phrases such as hello, goodbye, excuse me and numbers 1-10.

When are the normal mealtimes? What is the standard for tipping?

Eating out is an intrinsic part of the Andalusian lifestyle and most Granadinos eat out at some point during the day. Lunch usually happens from 2:00pm and dinner is from 9:00pm at the earliest, though 10:00pm is the norm. It is a bit cheaper to have drinks and tapas at the bar rather than sitting at a table. Locals usually leave very small tips - just odd change for drinks and snacks. Unless you are somewhere upscale, where International rules apply, a 10% tip for a meal is considered generous while 5% is more the norm.

Note: You often have to show your passport when paying by debit or credit card. And you must carry your passport with you by law.

What are the best areas for shopping?

The narrow streets of Alcaicería, once the Moorish silk market, are filled with vendors selling the handicrafts of Granada province. For the souvenir hunter, the Alcaicería offers one of the most splendid assortments of tiles, castanets and Spanish jewelry that can be found.

Handicraft stores also line Puerta Real, Gran Vía de Colón, Reyes Católicos and Angel Ganivet. Calle Cuesta de Gomérez, a narrow and steeply sloping street in Old Granada, is the centerpiece of the city's guitar making trade. Upscale Moroccan handicrafts can be found on Calle Calderería Nueva while connoisseurs of the fine art of marquetry (the craft in which tiny pieces of bone and colored hardwoods are arranged into geometric patterns and glued into wooden frames) may purchase elaborately patterned and exquisitely beautiful pieces each emulating a different 17th century Iberian design in the Alhambra at Laguna Taracea, Real de la Alhambra 30 (tel. 95-822-70-46).