Mallorca offers great weather all year. Summers in Mallorca are normally hot and dry while winters tend to be pleasant and mild. The Southeast sheltered part of the island is warmer than the northwest. Coastal cities receive 300 days of sunshine annually.


Summer in Mallorca starts at the beginning of June and brings plenty of sun with temperature between 80F and 86F or even more in July and August. The cooling breeze makes the hot temperature more comfortable.


Fall brings rain, but the weather is still generally sunny and nice. The weather is a solid 73-77F during the day; nights can get down to 20 degrees. Novembers in Mallorca still offer pleasant temperatures of 64F during the day and 43F at night.


The mild winters in Mallorca have an average temperature of 57F during the day and 39F at night. Winter in Mallorca best suits travelers looking to relax and/or explore a great island but note that many restaurants and bars will be closed.


Between March and May the temperature gets back to 64-68F. Nights may still get cold during spring in Mallorca and spring season is generally too cold for swimming in the ocean.