By Train

Best way of visiting the Cinque Terre Villages is by train and foot. See information passes Cinque Terre - Cards and Passes

By Car

We do not recommend using a car to visit the Cinque Terre. Roads are winding, twisted with steep uphills and downhills, there are only a few areas for parking, because centers of the towns are closed to private traffic and there are no gas stations on the roads between the Cinque Terre villages It is just much simpler to visit this area by train, hiking or boat.

On Foot

Once in the villages of Cinque Terre, the best way to experience the Cinque Terre is by foot! During the walk along the mountain side you go through the Mediterranean bush, between the sky and sea! The Cinque Terre is traversed by many ways. The main path goes along the shore and connects all the five villages in about five hours walk. There are also some difficult paths for expert hikers.

By Boat

In spring and summer there are daily connections by boat from La Spezia, Portovenere, Portofino and Lerici, with last stop in Monterosso (generally from April 1st until the first week of November). Prices range according to the route you choose, from 3 euro to 25 euro for unlimited one-day pass.

By Bus

Usage of the Bus service is included in the Cinque Terre CARD (but it doesn`t cost much if you don`t have the card). It may help you to save your time in each town and to get to interested places easier.

Riomaggiore: offers a connection from the center of the town up to the graveyard at the top of the village. Some routes also offer a link with Colle del Telegrafo and Biassa.
Manarola: offers a connection from the center of the town to the car parking persisting to the village of Volastra.
Corniglia: offers a connection from the center of the village to the railway station.
Vernazza: connect the nearby areas of the Sanctuary "Madonna Nostra Signora di Reggioā€¯ and the village of San Bernardino.
Monterosso: operates inside the village as well as offering a connection to the Sanctuary `Nostra Signora di Soviore.`