Having a car is the best way of seeing the countryside of Spain. It can be one of the most fulfilling driving experiences, enjoying spectacular scenery and little or no congestion. Driving in Spain is not difficult when going between cities. The only real oddity for a U.S. driver is the 'turn right' to make a left, which can be found on many rural roads as well as busy city intersections.

Big city driving does require a little time to get used to and is not recommended for first time visitors to Europe. In large cities, the most notable difference is the practice of using roundabouts (with signal lights) in combination with divided highways (and paralleling 'service' roads). Driving the country roads offer sufficient driving thrills, as well as ample opportunity to get lost; leave Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla city driving for your next visit.

The fact that it doesn't rain much and that the roads are rarely busy means that driving in Spain can actually be quite enjoyable. There seems to be less road rage than in other places and getting around is quite easy once you know where you're going; although you really do have to keep your eyes open. So, keep your eyes open, drive defensively, let those fast cars pass and enjoy seeing a facet of Spain you would altogether miss otherwise!