By Public Transportation

Public transportation in Tiberias is mostly made up of public buses run by the transportation company Egged. Bus tickets cost around NIS2.80 and can be paid to the conductor when entering the bus. The central bus station in the city has buses traveling north and south along the Sea of Galilee coastline. Bus line number 5 stops at most of the tourist attractions in the city, as well as most hotels. And the Big Fashion Danilof Mall.

By Car

There are cars available to rent at the airport and some locations in downtown Tiberias. However, a car is not needed when strictly staying in the city. If you wish to travel to city’s nearby or other destinations then hiring a car to make the trip is a good idea. Tiberias is over 2 hours driver from Tel Aviv.

By Taxi

Taxis are available in Tiberias and can be found on the streets, outside main attractions and shopping centers, or called and ordered over the phone. Taxis start at around NIS12.50 and can cost up to NIS50 for a trip between downtown locations.

On Foot

The city is walkable with most of its major attractions easily accessible on foot. A popular walk is along the Tiberias Promenade, a great place to capture a stunning sunset and views of the Sea of Galilee. The promenade is lined by many food stalls and artists, with music and a light show in the evenings.

There are guided walking tours in the city on Tuesdays, with a local guide taking visitors through the archeological park, to the promenade, past the Turkish Citadel, on to the famous Etz Hachaim synagogue, and the Scottish Compound. On Friday’s the tour guide offers a free tour of the historical sites in the city and every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday the walking tour group leaves from the Tiberias Tourist Information Center. On Saturday mornings the walking tours leave from the Tiberias Hotel Association and reveal the history of the walled Ottoman city.

Mount Arbel is a great location for hikers and climbers who want to scale the cliffs via land tracks to enjoy irresistible views of the old city. Views from the top go as far as Golan Heights, and Mount Heron the tallest peak in the country.

By Boat

There are some pleasurable cruises offered in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. There are sailing companies all over the city offering scenic cruises on the waters. There are small boats, sailboats, ferries, and more to choose from with several different companies. The Lido Sailing Company runs a ferry between Lido Beach and Kibbutz Ginosar traveling towards the northeastern corner of the lake with a round-trip costing NIS28. They also offer evening party boat rides and sailboard rentals, the boats leave from the docks at the parking lot at the Pagoda and Decks Restaurant, just off Gdud Barak Street.

By Bicycle

There are bicycle rentals available in Tiberias at Hotel Aviv which is located at the southern end of Ha Galil Street. The rates for a standard bike for a full day start around NIS65, there are hourly and half date rates available.