Experience Netanya


The sparkling coastal resort town of Netanya is blessed with 9 miles of coastline on The Israel Riviera. Nestled between Tel Aviv and Haifa boasting a balmy Mediterranean climate, the city is a hotspot for summer vacations. There are beautiful beaches the run along the entire length of the city and fertile citrus groves inland, the city is perched on verdant sea cliffs with luxurious accommodations overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean.

The seaside is dotted with gourmet restaurants, charming shops, water sports facilities, lively bars, and more. Netanya has something for everyone with its famous promenades where several fun activities and entertainment can be enjoyed, and a plethora of sporting activities including horseback riding, parachuting, rollerblading, and paragliding. The many spacious promenades in the city boast beautiful verdant parks, vibrant flower beds, and sparkling water features with live music shows held in the bustling town square.

Netanya is an unforgettable destination for beach lovers, nature seekers, and sports enthusiasts. The beaches here are excellent and very clean with an abundance of great facilities for an unforgettable and comfortable stay. There are a great number of historical places here offering visitors a glimpse into the ancient history of the land that dates back over 2,000 years. The remains of Um Khaled Khan village date to the Mamluk period.

The Museum of Yemenite Jews Heritage depicts the culture of the Yemenite Jewry, and the many reserves outside of the city give a glimpse into the flora and fauna of the region.

The city is located on the Israeli Mediterranean Coastal Plain, the historic land bridge between Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is the capital of the geographic Sharon plain region that stretches from the Mediterranean in the west to the Samarian hills in the east, as well as the modern-day Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the south and northward to Mount Carmel.

Things to see and do

There are several exciting things to see and do in the seaside resort town of Netanya, whether it is the beaches and sun you seek or adventure and nature, you will find it all here in this fabulous destination.

The beautiful stretch of beaches along the entire coast of Netanya is one of the major attractions to this city. Netanya is well known for its lovely beaches which stretch for 9 miles dotted with spectacular vacation homes, luxury hotels and resorts, fantastic restaurants, and many activities, and recreation opportunities. It is a great destination for a summer holiday with the family, the beaches are a great place to relax, soak up the sun, and swim in the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

Netanya is the number one diamond center in Israel, the country is the number one sport in the world for cutting and polishing diamonds. There are two large factories located in Netanya, the National Diamond Center is located on Herzl Street where visitors can take interesting tours. If you are interested in purchasing diamonds on your trip you will likely save up to 20%.

Horseback riding is a magical experience in Netanya with two locations that are very popular in the city; The Ranch is located in northern Netanya and offers horseback riding daily from 8 am until sunset, The Cactus Ranch is also open daily from 8 am until sunset, both offering rides and rates by the hour.

Go Paragliding of the spectacular sandy bluffs and cliff tops along the Israel coastline. There are lessons and equipment provided through Dvir Paragliding in the city. An exhilarating experience.

There are multiple outstanding nature reserves and parks in the Netanya region; The Poleg Nature Reserve is located just 5 miles south of the city. Visitors can hike along the Poleg River, upstream from the point where the river meets the sea. There are verdant plants and trees including giant eucalyptus scattered along the riverbanks, and during the spring and winter months, there are blooming wildflowers seen here. The Iris Nature Reserve is located at the southern edge of Netanya, a sanctuary for wild and cultivated irises. There is a pond here that attracts seaside birds and waterfowl, during February and March the reserve is blanketed with dark blue irises and the pathways here let walkers immerse themselves in this beautiful natural paradise.

The Victory Monument is a two-winged effigy painted in pure white located in the city of Netanya. This is an important memorial that marks the triumph of the Red Army who successfully defeated Nazi Germany during World War II. The memorial consists of two elements symbolizing the transition from darkness to light reflecting the Soviet military victory, it is designed as a maze, in which key tragic events in the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust are depicted in reliefs.

The many Netanya Promenades sit right above the beautiful beaches above the sandstone cliffs that over the sand and sea. The long promenade stretches for 6 miles and sits around 78-147 feet above sea level. These Netyanya Promenades are one of a kind boasting commanding views of the sparkling Mediterranean, they are also a part of what is known as the “Israel Road” which extends throughout the entire country, from Northern Kibbutz Dan to Eliat. Various portions of these famous promenades are beautifully designed and well-manicured with verdant lawns and vibrant flowers, each is different from the next and all are well worth a visit.

There are some exciting and extreme sports that visitors may find interesting in Netanya such as paragliding over the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the stunning coastline. There are some wonderful views to enjoy from this height, professional instructors will assist with safety and can check your equipment before starting the voyage. Passengers can enjoy the air travel ride with a special suspension that allows you to be hands-free.

Surfing is a very popular water sport in the city providing a fun adrenaline rush! The bottom of the sea is flat and the waves are not super high, there are special schools located on local beaches where visitors can learn how to ride a regular surfboard, how to make turns and other tricks. There are also SUP lessons.

There is a professional go-karting track located on Giborey Island in the new industrial zone. The track meets international standards and is great for high-speed seekers with racing cars and tight turns with single or group races. Riders can accelerate up to 70 kph and the track is open at night with fun lighting.


Shopping opportunities in Netanya are endless with interesting and memorable experiences at shopping centers, specialized stores, souvenir shops, craft studios, and a spectacular vibrant market. Kiryat Sapir is one of the main shopping areas in the city the most popular shopping mall with brand-name clothing and stores, jewelry and perfume stores, and a large supermarket. There are several restaurants and bars as well as a children’s playground at the mall.

The Herzl Pedestrian Mall and the Krause Pedestrian mall offer a great variety of stores as well as local coffee shops, dining options, and other entertainment. Herzl Street is a pedestrianized area in the main city square with plenty of shopping and restaurants to explore. The Netanya Market located on Weizman Street and Netanya Flower market is a beautiful bustling market in the city great for picking up unique items such as food, seasonal produce, oriental sweets and spices, and vibrant flowers. The city of Netanya is famous for its rich fruit plantations and exquisite diamond processing with many wonderful jewelry stores scattered throughout the city.

The Poleg area in the city is a popular shopping destination with high-quality clothing and shoes from local manufacturers at reasonable prices along with quality jewelry and unique authentic souvenirs. There are several large shopping centers in this neighborhood with some big seasonal sales held throughout the year, items during this time of year can be up to 50% off.

There are many of the famous Dead Sea products on offer in the city including cosmetics made with the famed Dead Sea salts and mud said to have amazing therapeutic benefits. Ahava and Premier are two of the most well-known brands sold here and the most expensive.

Food and Nightlife

Netanya offers a great variety of excellent restaurants and dining options, many of them are located along the beachfront strip and around Ha-Atzma’ut Square. There are restaurants, cafes, and markets that offer some delicious food including traditional Israeli and Arabic cuisine, pizzerias, regional fast food, and international cuisines. The variety of restaurants here is pretty impressive with great street food along with gourmet restaurants, the choices are endless.

According to local culinary traditions in Israel, it is customary to start your dining experience with a light appetizer, the most commonly served here are “hummus” and pita bread, or “Tahini”. Fish dishes are highly popular in the seaside resort town with sea bass being popular on menus in local restaurants as well as other seafood specialties and pickled tuna. Fish is cooked exclusively over an open fire. Jacko Restaurant serves up some exquisite seafood dishes with grilled shrimp and fish available and other interesting dishes such as mullet and other rare fish served with freshly baked focaccia and seasonal vegetables.

Uzi Hummus is one of the most unusual restaurants in the city attracting locals and visitors alike with a variety of interesting dishes on the menu made from regional products. There is a wood-burning oven here where popular traditional pastries are baked including dozens of different pies and buns, baklava, nut cookies, and caramel puddings. Crepes and Co Café is another great location to sample some delicious sweet treats and Dida or Gelatino Italiano for amazing ice cream.

There is a great variety of nightlife options in the seaside city of Netanya, there are plenty of beachfront restaurants, bars, and some nightclubs here. The embankment is the place to find the most popular establishments and regularly hosted national dance concerts. Ha-Atzma’ut Square is another bustling evening location alive with strollers, sippers, diners, and people-watching places with outdoor terrace seating to enjoy the warm evenings.

The Shamrock Irish Pub features an original modern pub design with a rich selection of Irish whiskeys and a unique authentic atmosphere. Mercury Pub is a great place for a fun night out, a lively place popular with the young local crowd offering live shows with a variety of music and cold beverages in a laid-back atmosphere. HaSifriya Club offers themed programs along with live musical performances. The amphitheater in Gan Ha-Melekh Park hosts concerts and more weekly during the summer there are full-length films features along with classical and light music performances around sunset.

History and Culture

The city of Netanya was established in 1929 and was named after Nathan Straus, the American Zionist philanthropist. A true resort town featuring plenty of entertainment, culture, and leisure centers, coffee houses, restaurants, shopping centers, a bustling market, movie theaters, art galleries, and various outdoor events and festivals held throughout the summer.

The town was originally a small agricultural settlement that soon became a tourist hotspot and industrial region in Israel. The city is famous for its rich fruit plantations, and exquisite diamond processing. It has been a popular holiday destination for Israelis for many years, visitors have discovered over the years that Netanya is quiet and convenient, geared towards service, and within close proximity to several areas including Tel Aviv and Caesarea.

The Well House Museum is located in a historic building that dates back to 1928 documenting the early history of Netanya. There are other fascinating museums in teh city including the Yemenite Jewish Heritage, the Shlomo Dror Art Institute, and the Diamimon diamond Museum. Fantastic galleries in the city include The Cliff Gallery, the Gosher Gallery, the Abecassis Gallery, and the Fourth Gallery are also located in the city.

There are several war memorials in the city including the Holocaust Train Car, Beit Yad Lebanim which is a memorial to the fallen IDF soldiers from Netanya, the National Memorial for Fallen Ordnance Corps, the Alexandroni Brigade Memorial, the National Victory Monument, and the Memorial to Victims of Acts of Terror. There was a street in Netanya named after Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat in 2016. He was responsible for saving Lithuanian Jews from Nazi persecution in the early portion of World War II, he provided visas allowing Jews to travel eastwards, beyond the reach of the Third Reich’s genocidal grasp.

Music and Festivals

The International Clow Festival is a surprising and amusing festival that takes place in August, with professional artists and performers from the clown industry. There are street performances and displays in the new Independence Square and various other venues in the city.

The Kosher Taste of the City takes place in August, a foodie event held in the Hof Argmon promenade with an array of tasty kosher food.

The Netanya Classical Guitar Festival is held every October showcasing the talents of local and international artists. There is music from Spain, Portugal, and Latin America held in the chambers of the Heichal Hatarbut or the Cultural Palace. There are lectures, workshops, masterclasses, and competitions as well as an exhibit of guitars, scores, and equipment.