City Center

The city center of Sighisoara is filled with colorful buildings with bright, orange, yellow, and pink facades. The historic center of Sighisoara is a UNESCO-listed site set in the heart of Transylvania and the town is small enough to transverse on foot and explore the sights and attractions. The top-rated hotel in the city is the Georgius Krauss House, with wonderful comfortable accommodations and great amenities within walking distance to some great restaurants, cafes, and bars. Many of the city’s accommodations are housed in fantastic historical buildings, and there are many options for some great apartments. Staying within the Citadel walls is a great location to consider when visiting Sighisoara, staying at one of these fortified medieval establishments is a simply amazing experience, plus there are no cars allowed within the walls which makes for the perfect evening stroll to dinner.


On the outskirts of Sighisoara, there are plenty of accommodation options to check out, the outskirts will be where the verdant hills and forests are found giving guests some great views. There are some unique and spacious accommodations outside of the busy city center, charming villas surrounded by scenic landscapes. The outskirts allow visitors to escape to the peace and quiet outside of the city and its walled citadel, but having a car while staying here would be recommended to save money on transportation.