How do I get to Sighisoara?

Sighisoara does not have its own airport, visitors can fly into Targu Mures which is the closest airport located 30 miles north of the city. The airport offers taxis that will charge around RON100 and buses that take over an hour and a half costing RON5.

Cluj-Napoca is another option for an airport to fly direct into and travel the 3.5 hours by rental car to Sighisoara. The journey from Brasov takes 2.5 hours and from Sibiu around 1 hour and 45 minutes by car.

If you have not booked a private transfer through us then your best options are going to be a rental car, bus, or taxi depending on your arriving destination. A train may be an option in some cities, from the city center, not the airport.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

The city of Sighisoara is accessible by train from major cities in Romania like Bucharest, Sibiu, and Brasov.

How do I get around by train Sighisoara?

The main train station in Sighisoara is located in the heart of the city where buses and taxis can be found.

The city is easily connected to other major cities in Romania by train, from Brasov visitors can reach Sighisoara on the 8:45 am train arriving at 11:00 am.

There are also buses connecting to major towns from Sighisoara bus station, which is adjacent to the railway station.

How do I get from the bus station to my hotel?

The main bus station in Sighisoara is located adjacent to the railway station.

How do I get around the city using public transportation?

The main form of public transportation in the city of Sighisoara are buses to reach the city and outlying neighborhoods. Trains are another option to reach other major cities in Romania.

Should I rent a car in Sighisoara?

Renting a car when visiting Sighisoara is one of the easiest ways to reach the city as the airports are located a distance out from the city center. Driving here and having a car will allow visitors to explore the region visiting smaller towns and big cities such as Brasov, and Sibiu. There are rental car agencies available in the city for around RON60 a day. Driving into the citadel and historic Old Town in Sighisoara is not allowed, there are paid parking spots around the citadel and throughout the city.

How do I call/hail a taxi?

There are taxis in Sighisoara, many can be found outside the main entrance to the citadel. Rates should cost around RON2.50 per mile. Your hotel should be able to call and negotiate a taxi for you.

Is Sighisoara a walking city?

Sighisoara is a quaint town that is easily navigated on foot. One day is enough to see the city’s sights and attractions that are mostly concentrated around the Citadel and Old historic town. The tourist information center is located in Piata Cetatii, the main square, found inside the Cafe International and Family Center. The streets are colorful and historic decorated with beautiful ancient architecture, cafes, and shops which are a pleasure to explore. The city is surrounded by beautiful verdant hills and forests including the Breite Plateau, which is an hour’s walk from the Citadel. Vila Franka is set on a hill south of the city that offers a great place for a picnic with spectacular views.

Can I ride a bike in Sighisoara?

Riding a bicycle in Sighisoara is a great way to explore. The Breite Plateau is a great place for a cycle through nature. Bikes are available to rent in the city and there are many scenic routes to follow.

Is Sighisoara a dangerous city, is there anything I should be aware of?

Sighisoara is a very safe destination for tourists with crimes against visitors being very rare. There are few other cities anywhere in the world that feel safer, there is plenty of police presence around town, especially in frequently visited tourist sights and attractions. Be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas especially on board public transport, don’t exchange money in the Change Bureaus, always use Banks. Keep your valuables close, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t wander around alone at night. If you rent a car be sure to take extra precautions and lock your vehicle and remove any valuables.

What are some popular areas for shopping?

There are plenty of shopping options available in Sighisoara with tourist shops dotted around the citadel and all over the city, many selling Dracula memorabilia and other interesting items. There are various artists displaying their work on the sidewalks in the city with watercolors and oil paintings available to purchase at reasonable prices. Romania folk art items are available including traditional wooden spoons, traditionally made icons, embroidered fabrics, and ceramics that make great authentic gifts.

What is the language spoken in Sighisoara?

The official language spoken in Sighisoara is Romanian, the closest currently spoken relative to ancient Latin. Many people will also be able to speak French, Spanish, and Italian, and the Roma people will speak the native Romany. Many people speak English especially in the service industry at hotels and restaurants, and many locals speak Italian. We recommend you get a good English-Romanian guidebook and learn the common phrases such as hello, goodbye, please, thank you, and numbers 1-10.

What is the best time to visit Sighisoara?

The summer months are the best time to visit Sighisoara when plenty of fun festivals take place and the weather is beautiful for being outdoors. This is high season in the city and many of the sights, attractions, and citadel can be crowded. The spring and fall months are also popular and less crowded than the summer months and still quite warm.

What is the currency? Can I pay/tip in US dollars?

The currency of Romania is the Romania Leu (RON or lei). You will need to exchange your currency for the Romanian Leu, which can be done upon arrival at the airport currency exchange desks or banks and specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus.

What is the food like?

There are some wonderful places to eat in Sighisoara, a lot of eateries can be found in the old historic citadel area with charming cafes and restaurants with outdoor terrace seating. The options for food in Sighisoara include traditional hearty Romanian cuisine, German, French, Italian, and International cuisine. La Perla is a popular Italian restaurant located in the heart of the city serving up delicious pizza and pasta. Casa Cositorarului is a charming cafe in the citadel offering a wide selection of delicious baked goods, desserts, and hot beverages. Hotel Sighisoara restaurant is a Romanian and international restaurant with a medieval atmosphere. Casa Vlad Dracul is the most famous, most visited restaurant in the city offering excellent traditional hearty Romanian and French fare with popular soups. There are many charming cafes dotted along Piata Cetatii, the main citadel square. Concordia Pizza and Spaghetti serves Italian cuisine with a nice terrace open late. Gigi Covrigi Traditional serves up delicious pretzels and bakery items. Cafe International and Family Center in Piata Cetatii with employees dressed in traditional clothes and the place was filled with plenty of tourist information and serving up sweet cakes, sour pies, organic juices, and baked goods.

What is the nightlife like?

There are numerous charming cafes, lively bars, fantastic restaurants, and other nightlife with live music found around the main citadel and other parts of the city.The Train Station Bar is filled with lots of locals serving up cheap beer. Voynich Cafe and Pub is a great local pub with different events from karaoke to quiz nights, serving up a long list of beers, wines, and cocktails with a great atmosphere. The Medieval Cafe is a very nice bar and cafe located in a medieval basement serving delicious mulled wine, fresh cake, and homemade jams. Korona Pub is a funky bar and club in the city with a modern concept in a medieval space, there are thematic parties held every week and popular DJs perform every week. Culture Pub is a popular place and one of the most crowded in the city with all things from a pub, with great music, great people and lots of drinks.

What should I do if I need medical assistance or need to go to the hospital?

In case of Emergency dial 112 for the Police, Ambulance, or Fire services.


Municipal Hospital of Sighisoara tel. 40-265-771-656