City Center (on the island)

The hotels on the island are an easy walking distance to explore Mont Saint Michel and really make the most out of your visit. Spending the night on Mont Saint Michel allows visitors to experience and enchanting medieval realm without the tourist crowd. The cobblestone streets and sounds of the sea are absolutely enlivening in the evening. We recommend the hotels within the walled medieval village on the island.

If you do decide to stay on the island, we recommend you pack minimal luggage as you will be carrying it up a lot of steps. The shuttle stops quite a ways from the island itself, so you’ll also have to carry your suitcases a good distance. This can be difficult in rainy weather or in the heat of summer.


The hotels in the outskirts/mainland are not far from Mont St. Michel’s harbor wall, typically an easy walk away, and many are linked to public transportation or the shuttle. Many visitors find this option to be the most convenient and much more affordable.