City Center (Llandudno Town Centre)

The town center in Llandudno is where nearly all of the action takes place, from morning to night. The Llandudno Promenade runs parallel to The Parade, the road that runs along Llandudno Bay and the Irish Sea north toward North Shore Beach, the town`s most popular beach. The Parade is where many accommodations options are located, located in the most prime area in town. North Shore Beach is located north of the intersection of two popular streets in town, The Parade and Gloddaeth Street. Gloddaeth Street connects North Shore Beach with the quieter West Shore Beach which sits on Conwy Bay.

The town center, from west to east, stretches a total of two-thirds of a mile from a few streets behind Gloddaeth Street to the area just to the east of Llandudno train station. Around the train station you will find a few museums such as the Llandudno Chocolate Experience and the Alice in Wonderland statue, one of many stops along the Lewis Carroll `Alice in Wonderland` Trail. The most popular street for both food as well as drink is Mostyn Street, which runs perpendicular to Gloddaeth Street and meets that street at a roundabout just south of North Shore Beach. You will find restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, pubs, and nightclubs all along this street, as well as some shops and shopping centers.


The outskirts of Llandudno are roughly a third of a mile to the west of the city center, corresponding to the base of the Great Orme and the area around Llandudno Pier; the coastline to the south along Conwy Bay called West Shore Beach; and the area about a half-mile to the south and east of the city center, featuring such tourist attractions and points of interest as the arts and entertainment complex Venue Cymru. You can find a few sights along the Alice in Wonderland Trail along the outskirts of town just as you can in the city center; visit the area adjacent to West Shore Beach to find the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat statues.