Bucharest University

The neighborhood where the University of Bucharest University is among one of the best in the city. The time-honored neighborhood is the center of all public demonstrations in Bucharest where many architectural and religious sites are located. The National Theatre, the Coltea Church, the University Square, and the zero-kilometer monument are all found close to the university. There a quite a few options for hotels and other accommodations in this neighborhood along with great restaurants, museums, and other attractions to check out. The neighborhood is hip and filled with youngsters with a great selection of charming cafes, and other dining spots and pubs.

Old Town - Lipscani

The charming Old Town neighborhood is found in the beating heart of the city of Bucharest, it is also known as the Lipscani neighborhood. A great place to stay in the city decorated with cobblestone streets lined with beautiful trees dotted with hip cafes, beautiful bookstores, and historic buildings which now house great hotels and restaurants. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city where visitors can soak up an authentic atmosphere and a local spirit and the location of the oldest residence in Bucharest. Old Town is a popular neighborhood for shopping, sightseeing, dining, and nightlife options, this is the place to stay in the city especially for the young partying crowd. Many streets in Lipscani preserve the original names such as Cavafi, Bacani, Covaci, Selari, and Blanari. The streets of the old town are the epicenter of the Bucharest nightlife scene with cafes, bars, restaurants, terraces, and clubs housed in fully renovated houses with beautiful facades, Pura Vida Sky Bar, and Nomad Sky Bar are among some of the best with spectacular views over the city. This historic neighborhood has received a much-needed makeover and features a great combination of old and new, Strada Freaneza is the oldest street in town dating from the 15th century where the Olde Princely County which was once home to Vlad the Impaler, the ruler of Wallachia who inspired Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.


There are many cool and trendy neighborhoods found on the outskirts of Bucharest. There are iconic, authentic, unspoiled areas found around the city center where many of the city’s great attractions are located. Visitors can experience some great hotels in the outskirts and due to the abundance of public transportation the center of the city is easily reachable. Some of the surrounding neighborhoods including Piata Romana, Gradina Icoanei where beautiful well preserved classical villas with charming gardens and backyards are among the accommodation options. These charming outskirt neighborhoods are great for a late-night walk and offer visitors great shops, restaurants, and wine boutiques.

Piata Unirii

The neighborhood of Piata Unirii is based between two geographical points in the city of Bucharest. The center of the piata is Unirii Square a lovely verdant green park and on the other side of the piata is bordered by the Unirii Shopping Center. Unirii Boulevard connects the Palace of Parliament with the eastern side of the capital city, the boulevard was originally designed to be longer than the Champs Elysee in Paris. The neighborhood boasts considerable charms with beautiful fountains flowing in the center of the boulevard there are some great hotels located here such as the massive JW Mariott hotels. The centerpiece of the city is Casa Poporului which is the largest building in all of Europe and the most infamous in Romania. This is a great neighborhood for history buffs to stay, and a great area to stay in the city with many sights and attractions.