Bar - Beach

Bar is situated on the southern coast of Montenegro, the Bar Riviera is 27 miles long and with more than 20 beaches. A quieter destination on the Montenegro coast with ruins found in the colorful streets of the old town, vibrant galleries, quaint cafes, and charming shops. Stara Maslina is said to be the oldest olive tree in the world dating back over 2,000 years and is found in Bar along with other ancient and historic landmarks.

Sutomore is the main beach in Bar, just under a mile long covered in sand with swimming and sunbathing and plenty of accommodations and eateries nearby. Canj beach is under a mile long and is a popular tourist destination, the beach has sand but the water has pebbles on the bottom. Queen’s beach is near Canj, but can only be approached by sea, Red Beach is covered with round red pebbles and offers outstanding views. There are two beaches on the lake in Bar, Pjesacac, and Murici. Bar is a port town, very clean and expanding every day with tourist attractions and historic and cultural monuments.

Bar - Outskirts

Bar features an Old Bar section situated 3 miles from the city center of New Bar, set on a very steep cliff at the base of Mount Rumija. The Old Bar neighborhood is constituted of the fortified city lake, enclosed by the walls from the XI and XII centuries, the old city gate still stands and a Citadel. The Church of St. Katarina and the Church of St. Veneranda is located in the Old Bar, and ancient Turkish baths, along with other remains of historical buildings like the Church of St. Nikola which dates to 1288.

Podgrad or Undertown is a part of Old Bar dating to the middle century where lots of cute quaint old inns, craft shops, and a popular meat market are located. There are two mosques in the neighborhood along with the Catholic Church of St. Marija. Strolling through part of the Old Bar called Mirovica is a pleasant experience and offers the chance to get to see the famed 2,000-year-old Bar olive tree.

Budva - Beach

The Budva Riviera is a beautiful long stretch of coastline boasting 25 beaches. A famous and one of the most sought out beach destinations on the Montenegro Coastline. Nicknamed the “Mediterranean Miami” for its very vibrant and pulsating nightlife, Budva has some of the best bars and nightclubs in the entire region. Jaz Beach is the longest beach in the neighborhood stretching for 1.55 miles covered in soft sand, and fine pebbles, a beautiful location for sunbathing, swimming, water sports, in the calm, clear, shallow waters. Jaz Beach is also the location of fun outdoor concerts and festivals in the summer including the happening Sea Dance Festival. The beachfront is lined by modern high rise apartment buildings, resorts, eateries, and beach sidebars, and open-air nightclubs. Slovenska Plaza is another popular beach in Budva lined by numerous bustling beach bars in the heart of the city. Many of the beaches in the region are decorated with sunbeds and parasols providing the perfect setting with a backdrop boasting seasonal cafes, and souvenir shops. Budva is the city that is awake until dawn, featuring an intense nightlife scene, beaches with bountiful activities, a large water park nestled in the hills, and luxurious seaside hotels.

Budva - Becici Beach

Becici Beach is divided from the bustling shores of Budva by a beautiful sheltered peninsula and just over a mile of stunning beach lined with sunbeds and parasols. This is a quieter option to other locations along the coastline, also a glamorous neighborhood that doesn’t lack in luxury lodging and dining options. There are many modern accommodations in the Becici Beach area, many overlooking the beach and sea. Spectacular spas can be found in the area offering luxury treatments including pools, massage, and facials. There are so many activities to enjoy including water sports such as kayaking, and surfing. There is a scuba diving club with guided diving trips offered to the nearby dive sites like Oreste wreck and the spectacular Galiola reef where visibility in the water can be up to 98 feet. The Becici cove is a long sandy stretch backed by the mountains and surrounded by crystal clear blue waters. Check out the promenade where delicious ice cream parlors, cafes, and shops can be found.

Budva - Old Town

Budva Old Town is the trademark of the city, dating back more than 2,500 years raised on its island, it is one of the prettiest coastal towns in Montenegro. The fortified Old Town features beautiful unique stone architecture, one of the oldest urban centers in the Adriatic with narrow car-free cobblestone braided streets and a labyrinth of alleyways leading to historic churches, lots of seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, and cocktail bars. The Budva Museum is found here along with the Gallery of Modern Art. The walls of Old Town are the main attraction in town and attract visitors from all around the world, they date back to the middle century when the Venetians ruled the country. The Old Town city-fortress Citadela is today a stage for the famous City theater or “Theater City” with literature evenings, and concerts held at the Poet’s Square. Budva is a metropolis of Montenegrin tourism today with many sights and attractions to see including historical and cultural treasures.

Budva - Outskirts

The outskirts of Budva are nestled along the Adriatic coast, an ideal location for visitors who want to soak up the beaches and the Montenegrin weather. These neighborhoods allow visitors to easily reach the ancient Old Town Budva packed with historic sights and attractions, as well as head down to the beautiful Budva Riviera home to spectacular beaches, great eateries, beach bars, and fantastic nightlife options. Budva is a picture-perfect place to stay with many things to see and explore including museums, ancient cobblestone streets, quaint cafes and shops, and great views of the beach and sea. The outskirts offer some great accommodation options in both modern and historic settings. The beaches of Budva are gorgeous with soft white sand, crystal clear waters and are amongst some of the most beautiful in the world.


The charming coastal town of Petrovac is located on the Montenegro coast between Budva and Bar boasting a beautiful long sandy beach. It is a calmer beach resort area in contrast to its nearby neighbors and was once a popular destination for wealthy tourists and today the location of a popular nightclub housed in the old castle. There are some beautiful red-roofed Mediterranean villas built along Petrovac’s bay, a beautiful stretch of promenade is filled with small boutiques, cafes, and coffee shops. The 16th-century Venetian fortress can be found in Petrovac. Accommodation in the neighborhood is great for families and budget-friendly with easy access to its beach and turquoise waters. Seaside restaurants are plenty serving up delicious freshly caught fish and seafood drizzled with the region's famed olive oil and different kinds of vinegar.


Prijevor is situated on the northern end of the Montenegro coast, close to the popular Herceg Novi overlooking the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. This neighborhood offers visitors a laid back experience in a pretty little town with some great accommodation options. There is a lovely 4-mile long seaside promenade that is ideal for strolling and dotted with hotels, resorts, shops, cafes, and restaurants. The nearby Herceg Novi has some great sights and attractions to explore including the Herceg Novi Blue Grotto which is a once in a lifetime experience dating back to the 14the century, and the historic Mamula Fortress overlooking the coastline. Prijevor is also close to Budva which offers visitors many day trip options to the beautiful beaches of the Budva Riviera along with endless dining, shopping, and nightlife options.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a tiny fortified islet and famous glamorous holiday spot. Set on a peninsula attached to the coast by a short narrow path, it is simply one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the Montenegro coast. Known for its namesake island, which evolved during the 15th century as a trading port and became the most exclusive resort in Montenegro, where stars and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor used to stay in the 1960s. The island still boasts some of the most excellent accommodation options and is one of the best places to stay on the Budva Riviera. The island boasts blissful pink pebble beaches on both sides, a former royal residence which is now home to hotel Milocer which is surrounded by a verdant pine forest and park. The red-roofed white stone villas line the ancient winding streets which are made for meandering and taking in the spectacular scenic surroundings and the turquoise seas. The five-star luxurious Aman resort was re-opened in 2008 and is a beautiful, fashionable resort to stay in with centuries-old stone cottages lining romantic cobbled alleyways that lead to tiny piazzas where exclusive restaurants and bars are located. Olive Terrace and Nobu Montenegro (owned by Robert De Nero) are nestled by the beach in the hinterland where diners can enjoy an amazing experience with delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


Ulcinj is a dream destination on Montenegro’s coast, the southernmost city on the coast stretching for 20 miles with the longest stretch of beaches (11 miles) on the Adriatic Sea. The old city of Ulcinj is over 2,000 years old, making it one of the oldest in the region. It overlooks the sandy beach and is set in the heart of town. A popular holiday destination for the young, and one of Europe’s best-undiscovered destinations with luxury accommodations, top-notch eateries, rustic cabins, beach parties, and plenty of attractions, and activities. Velika Plaza (The Big Beach) stretches for 9 miles, Valdanos beach is a unique and charming bay with olive trees lining the coastline, Ada Bojana Beach is a long sandy beach and a river island, Mala Plaza (The Small Beach) are some of the most popular in this neighborhood. The Old City of Ulcinj is packed with interesting galleries, hotels, cafes, and restaurants making it a unique and attractive location. The beaches and waters are a magnet for water sports enthusiasts with perfect windsurfing and kite surfing conditions with optimal thermal winds. In the summertime several surfing clubs set up shop and provide lessons and rental equipment.