By Bus

The public bus system in Montenegro offers a good network of buses that link all the cities and connects with other countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Albania. Many of the buses that link to the surrounding cities may not run regularly, intercity buses will run more frequently. The main hub in the country is the capital city of Podgorica, the main bus station is located in front of the main railway station. From Podgorica, daily buses travel to bigger and smaller towns throughout the country. There tend to be many more buses traveling around the country in the summertime which is the high season for travelers.

By Train

Trains are an option to travel around parts of the Montenegro coast including a route from Bar through to Virpazar, and on to Lake Skadar, then up to Podgorica. Trains can connect you from the beach to the mountains or ski fields. Trains are a cheap way to travel but networks are limited and can be old and hot.

By Car

Renting a car when visiting the Montenegro Coast is your best option to travel around and see as many of the coastal cities as possible. Hiring a car will give you the freedom to explore the scenic coastal roads and charming locations while also allowing access to other areas of the country. Keep in mind that Montenegrin drivers can be terrifying and crazy, narrow, winding roads can be a hair raising experience.

By Taxi

Taxis are available in all the local towns and cities, most can be hailed from the street or found at a taxi stand. They are usually quite affordable for a short distance journey, be sure to agree upon a rate before getting in. You can also ask your hotel for a local taxi recommendation and they will most likely be able to order you one over the phone.

By Bike

Riding a bicycle through the charming coastal towns on Montenegro’s coast is a wonderful experience. Many of the towns and cities are small enough to explore by bicycle, most of them have beaches, easily reached on a bike.

On Foot

One of the main ways to get around the quaint, coastal towns is by walking. The weather, attractions, and views are rewarding. There are many popular hiking excursions in the mountainous region. And a walk along one of the many magnificent beaches on the Montenegro coast is one of the main reasons most tourists visit the area.