On Foot

Walking around Tivat is easily done with a compact city center and many attractions located within walking distance. Porto Montenegro is a great place for a walk with many dining options, shops, and wonderful views.

By Bicycle

There are plenty of cycling opportunities in the town of Tivat, with mountain biking tours available and over 188 cycling routes to choose from. Many of the cycling routes are hilly and some lead through the pretty coastal villages into Porto Montenegro. Riding a bike in Tivat is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore.

By Taxi

Taxis are available in Tivat and can be found at the airport, outside the main bus station, hailed on the streets, or ordered by phone from your hotel.

By Bus

The main form of public transportation in Tivat are buses. There are bus stops along the main road and the main bus station is located around 1.34 miles from the town center. The buses link major towns and are an affordable and reliable way to travel.

By Car

Renting a car while staying in Tivat is a great idea if you plan to travel around to the different cities and towns and visit the coastal areas. There is not much need for a car if only staying in Tivat as there are buses, taxis and walking available around town. The Adriatic Motorway connects Dubrovnik and Podgorica.