Tivat boasts some beautiful beaches nestled along its coastline, the Tivat Riviera features 17 nicely arranged beaches where plenty of charming accommodations can be discovered. Staying down by the beach or the waterfront, including the luxurious area of Porto Montenegro, is one of the best areas to base yourself when visiting the quaint coastal town of Tivat. There are plenty of sights and attractions nestled down by the beaches in Tivat with charming outdoor cafes, bustling beach bars, fancy restaurants, and wonderful outdoor terraces with outstanding views. The port area is a luxurious area offering some of the best accommodations in town, a relatively new luxury resort town, and one of the fanciest places in Montenegro. The area by the beaches, marina, and water boast picturesque architecture surrounded by mountains, and greenery and fronted by the water and promenades brimming with eateries, bars, and shops.


There are various hotels nestled on the outskirts of Tivat and within the town center allowing easy access to the coast and all the attractions. There is a quaint village named Gornja Lastva which is located inland offering guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of the coastline among stunning scenery and ancient architecture and small stone buildings housing charming accommodations. There are beaches found on the outskirts of Tivat in some very secluded neighborhoods such as Lustica Peninsula with numerous accommodations, eateries and activities like snorkeling and other water sports. The surrounding mountain areas offer endless outdoor possibilities like hiking and canyoning. There are several enchanting stone villages dotted around the hillsides for a unique place to stay.