On Foot

Podgorica is a nice city to stroll around filled with parks, rivers, and other beautiful places. The city center is easily accessible and just a short walk to the train and bus station. There are many points of interest in the “Preko Morace” district that can be visited on foot. Strolling through Njegosev Park which overlooks the Moraca River is a peaceful walk and a great way to explore the city, stopping at quaint cafes and enjoying a coffee along the way.

The Ribnica River winds through the northern portion of the old town, take a stroll through Park Forest Gorica which is the largest park in the city, and leads you down to the Ribnica along a tree lined path.

By Bicycle

Riding a bike through certain parts of the city is possible, with lovely large verdant parks to explore including Park Forest Gorica and Njegosev Park. Cycling along the beautiful river banks is a great experience leading riders to different attractions and parts of the city. The National Tourism Organization has developed a series of wilderness mountain biking trails with mountainous terrain to explore. The Montenegro Bed and Bike company can help cyclists find trails and bike rentals, visit

By Bus

Podgorica has an efficient public bus service, the Glavne autobuska stanica bus station, located next to the railway station on Trg Golootockih zrtava, it is about a 10-minute walk from the city center. There are 11 urban and 16 suburban bus lines. The buses link all the major towns, they are affordable and reliable, a ticket costs around €0.80 for a single ride. Tickets can be purchased onboard directly from the driver.

Bus timetables and other information can be found on the Podgorica Bus Terminal website

By Taxi

Taxis are the best option to get around Podgorica, they are cheap, reliable, and found in abundance throughout the city. There are taxi stands found virtually everywhere, a basic fare is 0.40€ per 0.62 miles, no journey within the city should cost you more than €3-4. There are approximately 20 taxi companies in Podgorica, they can be hailed on the street, found at taxi stands and outside major sights and attractions, or ordered by calling the dispatcher.

Taxi numbers: 19700 ALO Taxi, 19702 Royal Taxi, 19703 Boom Taxi, 19704 PG Taxi, 19705 Pink Taxi, 19706 DeLuxe Taxi, 19709 Orange Taxi, 19711 City Taxi, 19712 Exclusive Taxi, 19714 Red Line Taxi, 19723 Peugeot Taxi, 19800 Bel Taxi, 19708 Elite Taxi.

By Car

Podgorica is located in central Montenegro and is the hub of all the main roads in the country. Hiring a car is a great idea if you plan to visit other areas in the country, it will give you the freedom to explore at your own leisure and explore the scenic roads and coastal areas. Car rentals are available at the airport and other locations found in the city.