Saint-Gilles (West Coast)

Saint-Gilles is a resort village located on the west coast of Reunion Island. Here you’ll find lively bars and restaurants clustered around Plage des Roches Noires beach. By day, this area offers a resort atmosphere and by night, there is an energetic nightlife/nighclubs. It is the touristic epicenter of the island, especially on the weekend, when even the locals come to play. In Saint Gilles-Les-Baines, you’re in the heart of the island’s resort town, surrounded by everything you need - grocery stores, shopping, cafes, even weekend markets. Enjoy the lagoon here with a sunset boat cruise or water activities galore.

La-Saline (West Coast)

La Saline offers a quieter and more laid back atmosphere. The area is great for snorkeling, with an aquarium’s worth of colorful tropical fish swimming just off the beach. The weekends are a bit more energetic, when locals come to the beach to soak up the sun.

Saint-Leu (West Coast)

Saint-Leu, situated on the west coast of the island, is a perfect area to go scuba-diving, deep sea fishing or whale watching. Saint-Leu is home to several historic monuments such as the Church of Colimacons and Hotel des Postes. This is also a paragliding hotspot, hosting the world paragliding championships several times. At Kelonia you can discover a turtle sanctuary, home to beautiful turtles and tortoises. This area is an ideal place to stay for busy families.

Saint-Pierre (South Coast)

The south coast region stretches from Saint-Pierre to Saint-Philippe. Saint-Pierre is the largest town here with numerous hotels, shops, restaurants and cafés in the town center and along the boulevard that runs parallel to the beach. This area is a beautiful melting pot of cultures, which can be witnessed at the local Saturday market. The market is a great place to experience the `couleur local,` try various foods and stock up on all your souvenirs. Make sure to stroll along the path which runs above the beach. There are various kiosks where you can stop for a drink or a snack while you gaze out across the lagoon.


Located in Reunion`s Sud Sauvage `Wild South,` Saint-Joseph is a region with black sandy beaches on its coast and a lush scenic inland. Two rivers course through the area, the Langevin and the Rivière des Remparts, both essential in their own way.

The Langevin is a tropical idyll with waterfalls, cascades and pools, while the Rivière des Remparts is a volcanic waterway with dark walls that climb hundreds of feet above the water. And Saint-Joseph is right at the gates of the Reunion National Park, a World Heritage Site with volcanoes, epic cirques, canyons and moonlike plains scarred by lava flows.

Saint Joseph is also where you will find Pinton de la Fournaise, Nez de Boeuf, Cratere Commerson, Jardin de Vandas, and Marine Langevin.


Situated along the northwestern coast of Reunion, the municipality of Saint-Paul boasts many leisure and sightseeing attractions that provide a chance to unwind. This is also where you’ll find many stunning beaches such as Boucan Canot, L'Ermitage and Saline-les-Bains, to name just a few, these beaches offer excellent swimming waters. This area is also great for all things water sports such as sea kayaking, sailing and snorkeling.

Saint-Paul is also where you’ll find the famous open-air market, held every Friday and Saturday morning on the seafront esplanade. This is considered one of the most beautiful markets on the island, with colorful stands selling everything from local fruit and vegetables, spices, honey, Creole specialties and crafts.

The Saint-Paul wharf is a beautiful spot to admire the bay and the Indian Ocean. Joggers and walkers can enjoy a trip to the Saint-Paul pond, a protected area and listed National Nature Reserve.