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Momentous landmarks, historic towns and villages, plus delicious cuisine and great wine, beautiful flamenco dancers and vibrant nightlife! Endless possibilities!

Experience a different side of Europe: spend some time in your favorite European City and then a couple of days relaxing in one of Europe's most popular beach destinations.

Birthplace of many ancient civilizations, a land drenched in warm sun, surrounded by a calm, rich sea. It is composed of Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

There have been settlements near Cáceres since prehistoric times as evidenced by the paintings in the Maltravieso Caves which date back from the late Paleolithic period. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage City since 1986, Caceres offers a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic, and Italian Renaissance styles which reflecting its long history. The Ciudad Monumental (Monumental City) at its center is truly astonishing. Narrow cobbled streets twist and climb among ancient stone walls lined with palaces, mansions, arches and churches, while the skyline is decorated with turrets, spires, gargoyles and enormous storks' nests. Protected by defensive walls, it has survived almost intact from its medieval splendor. At dusk, when the crowds have gone, you'll feel like you've been transported the Middle Ages.

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