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Bucharest Vacations

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Full of diversity, entrenched in history and blessed with spectacular landscapes, Eastern Europe offers something for everyone.

The traditional way to see Europe and a wonderful way for first-timers to experience Eastern Europe.

You will always have London and Paris and we won't take that away from you. After all, if this is your first trip to Europe, there is no better choice than London and Paris. But why not throw in another city, for a change? Hop on a short flight to Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, Berlin, or Dublin. You won't regret it.
Cities in Romania

Once known as the "Little Paris", Bucharest, Romania`s capital, is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, and glorious Belle Époque buildings. There is even an Arc de Triomphe on a boulevard longer than the Champs Elysees, with a range of trees that flower beautifully in the spring. You will be intrigued by the city`s eclectic mixture of architecture, from old monasteries to Orthodox Churches, Second Empire mansions, the stolid Stalinist architecture of the communist years and the colossal Parliament House, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon.

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Suggested Bucharest Vacation Packages:
Bucharest and Budapest - Bratislava - Prague
12 nights from $1,264*
Bucharest - Mamaia - Constanta
7 nights from $815*
Bucharest - Sofia - Paris by Air
8 nights from $1,345*
Bucharest - Sofia and Varna
7 nights from $1,047*
Paris and Bucharest - Sofia
8 nights from $1,107*
Sofia - Belgrade - Bucharest by Air
7 nights from $1,336*
Sofia - Bucharest and Paris
8 nights from $1,138*
Sofia and Bucharest by Train
6 nights from $921*
Varna and Sofia - Bucharest
7 nights from $1,139*
Vienna and Bucharest by Air
6 nights from $916*
Amsterdam - Belgrade - Sofia - Bucharest
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Sofia and Varna - Constanta - Mamaia - Bucharest
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Varna - Constanta - Mamaia - Bucharest
9 nights from $988*
Sofia - Bucharest - Brasov - Sighisoara - Budapest - Vienna by Train
15 nights from $1,752*
Bucharest - Mamaia - Constanta - Varna
9 nights from $968*
Bucharest - Mamaia - Constanta - Varna and Sofia
11 nights from $1,131*
Bucharest and Sofia by Train
6 nights from $925*
Bucharest Getaway
6 nights from $757*
Istanbul and Sofia - Bucharest
7 nights from $1,112*

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