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Europe - European Bestsellers
* Why Best-Sellers? *

We'll be the first to admit it: we love best-sellers. They save us valuable research time and give us a sense of what travelers like us enjoyed in the past. More often than not, they are a safe choice if you are running short on ideas. This is why we decided to make it easy for everyone and have our very own list of best-selling itineraries in Europe. These packages are perennial favorites and, as with any itinerary featured on our site, are fully customizable and flexible.
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Worry free vacations! You travel with a group of people, led by an expert guide who will show you all the "must see's" of the cities and countries you visit.

One thing is for certain: whatever your idea of a good party is, you will find it in Europe, if you know where to look.

There is no better way to discover the ancient Aegean Civilization than taking a trip around the Greek Islands.

Ireland is the perfect country for driving with idyllic country roads with lots of charming towns along the way.

Be it the art, the countryside, the food or the wine, there is no shortage of things to see and do.

Momentous landmarks, historic towns and villages, enthralling architecture, famous festivals year round, plus delicious cuisine and great wine!
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Best Vacation Packages

Experience beautiful Portugal through two of its most popular destinations!. Begin your vacation in Lisbon (the dazzling capital with an ancient fortress at its heart with charming neighborhoods, local festivals, nightlife, and delectable food); and then, take the train to Porto (the former residence of the Royal Family; visit medieval cathedrals, concert halls, the national library and museums with breathtaking art treasures). This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
6 nights from $799*
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Suggested Vacation Packages

Limerick - Killarney - Dublin (Self Drive)
6 nights from $830
London - Edinburgh - Dublin by Air
9 nights from $979
Athens and Santorini by Air
6 nights from $1,079
Reykjavik Getaway
6 nights from $648
London and Amsterdam by Air
6 nights from $826
Prague and Budapest by Train
6 nights from $866
Dublin and Edinburgh by Air
6 nights from $851
Amsterdam and Brussels by Train
6 nights from $871
Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Inverness - Glasgow by Train
9 nights from $1,209
Lisbon - Coimbra - Porto by Train
8 nights from $899
Mykonos - Santorini - Athens by Ferry
9 nights from $1,361
Athens and Istanbul by Air
6 nights from $819
Dublin and Amsterdam by Air
6 nights from $1,025
Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Inverness - Glasgow (Self Drive)
8 nights from $1,109
Dubrovnik - Split - Zadar - Opatija - Zagreb (Self Drive)
8 nights from $1,039
London and Edinburgh by Train
6 nights from $1,109
Prague Getaway
6 nights from $691
Santorini - Mykonos - Athens by Ferry
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Athens - Santorini - Istanbul by Air
9 nights from $1,219
Edinburgh and Inverness by Train
6 nights from $1,013
Athens - Heraklion (Crete) - Santorini
9 nights from $1,337
Athens - Santorini - Mykonos by Ferry
9 nights from $6,470
Athens - Mykonos - Santorini - Heraklion by Ferry
12 nights from $1,564
Malta Island Getaway
6 nights from $730
Marrakech and Casablanca by Air
6 nights from $849
Oslo - Copenhagen - Stockholm by Air
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Have used this website for 2 Europe trips and both have been perfect. Franklin E.
Traveled on: 2/26/2020
6 nts from $789.00*
There was some difficulty with the last leg of the trip because of the Covid-19 situation. So we had to cut the trip short but we were having issues with hotel and the return flight. We contacted the staff several times about it. The staff was always professional and always got back to us concerning the change status. Lotoya S.
Traveled on: 2/25/2020
7 nts from $809.00*
We went to London and Paris. it was easy to book flight, hotel and Eurostar train from London to Paris. Will use again and will recommend to our friends. Mahendra S.
Traveled on: 3/2/2020
6 nts from $809.00*
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