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Northern Ireland: Point of Interest Map
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Northern Ireland

Cities in Northern Ireland
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The Ring of Kerry (Iveragh Peninsula) provides an amazing insight into the ancient heritage of Ireland and a landscape carved out of rock by the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago.

Ireland`s countryside is dotted with castles that range from romantic castles and towers that are in ruins to stately chieftain castles and Irish castle hotels. They are all filled with character and history.

Ireland is thought to have been inhabited for over 8,000 years, and evidence of this pre-Common Era habitation is plentiful across the isle.

From uncanny lunar landscapes and the powerful Atlantic to labyrinthine caves and crystal clear waterways, Ireland enjoys spectacular natural beauty.

The Heritage Towns of Ireland are towns and villages that offer unique character provided by a combination of architectural styles, often spanning many centuries, which gives them a special feeling for the past.

Experience Ireland like a native. The following packages give you the opportunity to stay in Irish family homes, Manor houses or Georgian Farmhouses.

Ireland has some of the most beautiful public and private gardens in the world. We recommend that you take time to `stop and smell the roses` during your journey.

Ireland`s natural approach to food expresses itself in the vibrant and colorful farmers` markets in towns around the country.

Explore the enthralling countryside by day and enjoy traditional Irish music sessions in local pubs by night.
Cities in Ireland
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Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, comprises the northeastern sixth of the island of Ireland. Torn apart during the 30 years of sectarian strife in the late 20th century called `The Troubles`, this fascinating and beautiful part of the Emerald Isle has emerged to become one of the largest cultural and economic hubs in the British Isles, particularly its vibrant capital, Belfast. The historic city of Derry, the only walled city in Ireland, was severely impacted by The Troubles; today it boasts flourishing intellectual and arts scenes.

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