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North East England: Point of Interest Map
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North East England

Major Cities

The city of Durham, located in County Durham, has been settled for over 1,000 years. Celtic monks were the founders of Durham, and when they settled the area, they moved the remains of monk St. Cuthbert here as well, and his remains now reside in Durham Cathedral. The 11th-century Durham Castle was the home of the Anglican Bishop of Durham until the 19th century. Both of those sights are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Much of the old town sits on an area around the River Wear called `The Peninsula`.
Cities in England
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North East England consists of the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and County Durham. The city of Durham, settled on a peninsula in the River Wear, boasts an old town that is 1,000 years old; its centerpiece historic buildings, Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Apart from Durham, the other large cities in the region are Newcastle-upon-Tyne, developed around the site of an old Roman settlement and once one of the most important shipbuilding centers in the world; and Sunderland, which grew around the 7th-century Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site nominee.

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