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Alentejo Golden Plains: Point of Interest Map
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Alentejo Golden Plains Vacations


The rolling hills and lush valleys of the Alentejo`s Golden Plains region are a traveler`s delight. The people who call this region of Portugal home live life at a slower pace, and it is easy for tourists to feel at home in such a warm and relaxing environment.

The first people to inhabit the Alentejo`s Golden Plains did so during the Iron Age. By the time of the Romans, many cities sprung up along the trading routes that connected the modern-day cities of Lisbon and Seville. During the period of Arab rule, a prince from Beja, Al-Mu`tamid, would eventually rule most of the Iberian Peninsula. The Alentejo`s Golden Plains had become a place where history-altering decisions would be made. The Portuguese would rule beginning in the 13th century, although it was difficult for them to keep this highly-contested area to themselves.

The towns of the Golden Plains all have their own distinct charm. Ranging from modern commercial and industrial centers to sleepy hamlets, the towns of Alvito, Beja, Moura, Pias, Portel and Serpa offer more than just history -- they offer hospitality and lots of heart.

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