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Ships from Zadar
M/S Dalmatino
Length 26 m, built in 1957, renovated in 1990, 26 beds in 13 twin cabins with bunk beds and shower/toilet: 8 cabins on the main deck, 5 cabins on the upper deck. 1 shower/toilet. Sun deck (90 m²) with 10 sun beds, tables with benches on deck for about 20 people, saloon with air conditioning for 26 guests.
M/S Lastavica
Length 32.90 m, built in 2008. 32 beds in 14 cabins with shower/toilet, individually controllable air conditioning: on the lower deck there are 4 double cabins with queen-size bed and 2 twin cabins with separate beds, located on the main deck there are 2 double cabins with queen-size bed and 2 triple cabins with queen-size bed plus a 3rd bed above. On the upper deck 4 triple cabins with queen-size bed plus a 3rd bed above (the 3rd bed can be folded up in all cabins, if they are used as double cabins). 1 toilet. Sun deck (150 m²) with 12 sun beds, tables with benches and chairs for 18 guests on deck, bathing platform at the stern, saloon with air conditioning for 35 people.
M/S Nerezine

Length 29.80 m, built in 1922, renovated in 2002. 34 beds in 16 cabins with shower/toilet: 4 twin cabins with bunk beds on the main deck, 10 twin cabins with bunk beds on the upper deck and 2 triple cabins (queen-size bed, 3rd bed above) on the lower deck, air conditioning in the cabin alleyway of the lower deck. 2 showers/toilet. Sun deck (110 m²), tables with benches on deck for 34 people, saloon with air conditioning for 34 guests.
M/S Ribic

Length 25 m, built in 1950, renovated in 2004. 20 beds in 10 cabins with bunk beds and shower/toilet: 4 twin cabins on the lower deck, 2 twin cabins on the main deck and 4 twin cabins on the upper deck. Air conditioning in the alleyway of the lower deck. 2 showers/toilet. Sun deck (70 m²), tables with benches on deck for 20 guests, saloon with air conditioning for 20 people. A sea kayak is available free of charge.


The Cabins
The cabin size may differ from ship to ship, and then again from cabin to cabin. The cabins in small and simple ships are, on average, about 4-6 m2; in superior and larger ships about 7-10 m2. The cabins offer enough space to sleep in and stow a duffel bag or a travel sack. They are usually functional, and have, in addition to beds, a small wardrobe and/or an open shelf. The beds are often one above the other (bunk beds, usually without a ladder); some cabins also have queen-size beds or two single beds. Triple cabins usually have a queen-size bed, with a third bed above. The majority of the vessels have cabins with shower/toilet and a sink. These are basically wet cells, separated by a door from the cabin space; in general there is no shower curtain or shower cabin. The shower water typically runs through a single drain in the floor.

Cabins below deck have a small ventilation shaft or a porthole. Many ships have cabins both below and on deck; in the ship?s description there is also a distinction between main and upper deck. When making your reservation, you may choose among cabins on or below deck (subject to availability); this will be accordingly confirmed with your booking confirmation/ invoice. There is no distinction between main and upper deck. Preferences regarding main or upper deck, or a specific cabin number, will be forwarded to the captain and considered, but not confirmed and therefore are not subject to the travel contract. The allocation of the cabins is generally organized according to the date of reservation.

The Food
corresponds to Mediterranean standards. The breakfast is simple, with coffee or tea, bread, butter and jam. The main meals (lunch and/or dinner) usually consist of soup, meat or fish with side dishes and salad. Although our tours are sea voyages, and you often will be served fish, meat is frequently on the menu. On request vegetarian food is available on all ships - please inform us already at the moment of your booking. Vegetarian food does not mean that special menus are prepared; rather more side dishes (vegetables) will be served instead of meat. The preparation of special diet food is generally not possible.

Breakfast and lunch is included daily. Dinner can be enjoyed in restaurants ashore. Now and then the captain will offer you to dine on board (e.g., during overnight stays in sheltered bays); this will be paid separately on board (approx. ? 7 to ? 25 per meal and person, depending on the order and selection of dishes). On embarkation day, dinner will be served as part of the half board (no lunch). On the embarkation day the first meal will be dinner (no lunch), while the last meal on the disembarkation day is breakfast.

The boat saloon functions as restaurant, lounge and bar at the same time; here you will always receive cool drinks - with or without alcohol. Typically, the beverage consumption will be entered in a "checklist? and then settled at the end of the journey. Of course, drinks on board are more expensive than in the supermarket around the corner, but remember that you are on a small `floating `pension`. The prices of the drinks, however, are generally lower than in hotels and can be compared to those in cafes and pubs; for example, about ? 2 for 0.5 liters of mineral water, soft drinks or beer, and from about ? 10 for a bottle of wine. It is not allowed to bring drinks on board.
Life on Board
A cruise on one of these sailing boats is certainly a unique experience. But please note, that those planks have their drawbacks: stairs are narrower and steeper than you may be accustomed to; after a rain shower or with morning dew, the deck can be slippery, thus creating numerous "pitfalls?. Since wood is a living material and easily contracts under warm summer temperatures, in case of rain or bad weather, water could enter your cabin. In any case, in bad weather you should always make sure to close all portholes or windows in your cabin. Since especially in high season some ports may be crowded, often several ships will moor side by side. We therefore ask you to take special care when climbing across other vessels to board or go on land, particularly in relation to the different deck heights of the vessel. This is especially important after the consumption of alcohol, since we are not liable for possible accidents. Particular caution is also appropriate if you anchor in a bay and take a "bold leap? into the refreshing water. First of all, be careful not to hurt yourself while jumping from the deck; on the other hand, remember the increased danger of slipping, since the deck will be wet due to other guests coming out of the water.
Sleeping on Deck
Many of our guests consider it a unique experience to spend the night in the open air, under the starry skies of the Mediterranean. There is of course plenty of room on deck, but please bring a sleeping bag and a foam pad or air mattress, as mattresses and bedding from the cabins are not allowed to be carried on deck.
Night-time, Peace and Quiet
Usually, at 11:00 pm, it gets quiet on board. This is of course not a rigid rule, but rather depends on the formation of the "Holiday-Crew" - on some ships the party will go on a bit longer than on others. Due to their construction, the ships are clairaudient, and in some ports, due to space constraints, several vessels may anchor side by side - therefore, mutual considerateness is appropriate. Generally, the ships moor in harbors of larger towns. Since the harbor is usually the lifeline of those towns, and since on summer evenings, all social life in Mediterranean countries takes place outdoor (restaurants, cafés, pubs, terraces), the evenings and nights are usually somewhat livelier. Especially in the months of July and August, in the most coastal places traditional annual festivities are celebrated, which often last until the early morning hours. The crew has no influence on any noise in various ports.
Music and Entertainment
? are not uncommon on board - as are spontaneous parties. If you play a musical instrument, such as a guitar or harmonica, make sure you bring it along.
As individual as the single ships, so are the routes. They correspond largely to the descriptions in the itinerary, but may vary. Many captains will be pleased to show you their favorite bays, and in many ports, if several ships moor there for the night, there might be no space left. Places mentioned in the route descriptions are not necessarily places to stay overnight. It may happen, for example, that in the afternoon you have the opportunity to visit the relevant site and then continue to stay in another bay; or that you will stay in a bay overnight and visit the place mentioned in the tour description only next morning. If for the night, both "bay? and "port? are possible options, it basically depends on the captain and on the desire of the majority of the guests, where to go. It is also possible that routes are driven in reverse order. Routes have been designed in a way to guarantee that each day?s destination is within easy reach under normal weather conditions - it is up to the captain, to change the route according to weather conditions, or to extend or reduce port stopovers.

* Sample prices displayed include international and domestic airline tickets as per itinerary and ALL airline-related taxes and fuel surcharges and are per person, based on double occupancy, and are dynamic in nature. Prices do not include insurance or delivery charges which are optional and customizable by the traveler. The airfare portion of the itinerary price is based on economy class, midweek departure. Prices do not include fees for carry on or checked baggage which can add additional fees per ticket on a roundtrip flight based on carrier charges. It also does not include any entrance fees or visa fees that may be charged at international airports. Some cities may charge local taxes that can only be collected by hotel at destination.
Prices were accurate at the time we posted them. Sample prices were for a specific travel date and specific departure airport, as indicated. Your prices will vary according to departure cities and travel dates. We do not control prices (airlines and hotel reservation systems do). Prices may change dynamically and at times significantly numerous times during any given day.
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