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Isle of Skye: Point of Interest Map
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Isle of Skye Vacations

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The largest isle of the Western Isles Inner archipelago is Skye, made even more popular with its connection via bridge to the mainland. The Vikings called Skye 'The Cloud', and in Gaelic it was known as 'Eilean a` Cheo', 'or Island of the Mist'. No other island conjures the images of history and romance more than Skye. Its mountains and lakes evoke awe and legends are woven seamlessly into the very history of Scotland. Folklore claims that giants and fairies are responsible for some of the more unusual landmarks. Dunvegan Castle is sentinel of the staggering, bloody history between the feuding clans of Macleod and Macdonald. The caves hidden in the coast assisted the Macdonald clan in hiding Prince Charles Edward Stuart after the failed Jacobite rebellion. Many chiefs have ruled and fallen, leaving a wake of myths and relics waiting to be discovered.

Unsurprisingly, activities are centered around the outdoors. From rock climbing to pony trekking, walking, cycling, and bird watching, the breathtaking views will refresh and recharge your spirit. Even when the weather changes (as it frequently does), the island loses none of its charm. If anything, shrouded in light mists, the island takes on a more magical appeal. Learn the history of the island in one of many centers, visit the local potters, painters, or silversmiths to learn their trade, or just sit by a peat fire in an old pub with a glass of Talisker Whiskey, which is distilled right here on the island!
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