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Ireland - Irish Music Itineraries
Explore the enthralling countryside by day and enjoy traditional Irish music sessions in local pubs by night.

Traditional Irish music is the melody of the community, transmitted orally and handed down from one generation to another. Irish Traditional Music includes many different types of songs, and instrumental music from Irish history. It is a living, vibrant tradition in constant change, but a slow change. It is ageless and priceless. Old melodies are adapted to modern forms. It was more rural than urban, but today it is heard in every nook and cranny the world over.

Ennis is a stronghold of music of all types from Rock to Traditional with many musicians living, and regularly playing, in the Ennis pubs. The town is host each May to the annual Fleadh Nua, a traditional music festival and is home to the Glór Irish Music Centre, which hosts music concerts and plays.
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