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Ireland - Irish Food Itineraries
Ireland`s natural approach to food expresses itself in the vibrant and colorful farmers` markets in towns around the country and where the best in local produce, from organic fruit and vegetables to handcrafted cheese and freshly caught seafood to tempting cakes and breads can be found.

Food in Ireland comes in two general forms - traditional and modern. The traditional Irish food is what most people often think of, and it is the stuff you are likely to find on pub menus and simpler restaurants. But young Irish chefs are taking old Irish ingredients and presenting them in new ways. Using the finest local meats and produce, often organic and both beyond compare, new culinary masters have developed a unique style of cooking.

Kinsale is the Gourmet Capital of Ireland with restaurants serving the most delicious organic locally produced food within a minute of our hall door. Kinsale Chefs pride themselves on their reputation in particular with seafood fresh from the local fishermen every day. Experience the perfect combination of Irish hospitality, and the simple delight of nurturing and surprising the senses with excellent food. Each course is infused with well-being by award-winning chefs.
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