Flexible Package explained

With European Destinations Vacation Packages, you are truly independent when traveling to Europe. You will have more choices when combining hotels, flights, trains, cars, sightseeing tours than anywhere else.
Start with a "Suggested itinerary" or a "City stay". On that same page, scroll down until you see our booking engine:
  booking engine
1 -
Choose "Air + Land" if you want a trouble-free-complete package with matching flights.
Or choose "Land Only " if you already have purchased and confirmed flights.
2 -
Select your departure airport/city option in the US by typing or picking your airport on the pop-up menu.
3 -
Select arrival date (please remember most flights to Europe are overnight, so your hotel check-in is on the next day).
4 -
Pick the number of nights you would like to stay in each city - FLEXIBLE from 1 to 14 nights!
5 -
Enter the number of travelers including Adults and Children.
6 -
Click on the "Continue" button and you will see our prices and flexibility to customize your vacation package.
ENJOY the freedom of comparing flights and hotels at your own pace. Also add optional transfers, sightseeing tours, intercity transportation, car rental, and/or train tickets.
Click “continue” and the lowest available flight for your itinerary is chosen for you.  (You may click on “choose a different flight” for other alternatives)
The least expensive available hotel is also selected for you. 
Click on “Choose a different hotel” and browse through all the available hotels that we offer for your dates.  Select your desired property.
Airport Transfers “in” and “out”
Would you like to be picked up at the airport?
 Click on “Add Transfer” and select from all the different choices
Sightseeing Tours
Sightseeing Tours
How about some sightseeing tours?  Click on “Add Tours”
Intercity Transportation
Intercity Transportation or Getting around your chosen cities
Now, how would you like to travel between the European cities that you wish to visit? 
We have numerous choices.  You may select to travel on a railpass – you can pick from unlimited passes, passes for bordering countries only or Flexi passes for a limited number of days.  You may also select a Single Country pass. Click on “Add Rail Pass” and see what is available.
Or you may just be interested in a couple of point-to-point trains to connect your cities.  We offer a myriad of premier trains through out Europe.  Click on “Add transportation for your next city” and see what is available.
Car rental
Car Rental
Or how about renting a car so that you can take your time and stop wherever you’d like?  This is a wonderful way to travel in Europe, as there are plenty of charming villages and interesting sights on any route you may choose. Click on “Add Rent a car”
Car + Train
Rail + Car
And remember, you are not stuck with either option. You can also choose to take a train for the long hauls and then rent a car at your destination, maybe combine a couple of charming villages to spend some time in.
Let your imagination soar; create a vacation based on what you want to see, where you want to stay and how long you desire to stay. 
It is all at your fingertips!
package COMPLETE your purchase with delivery and insurance options entering your credit card information.
Immediately, you will receive a confirmation by email.