Driver`s License

Drivers from the United States will be allowed to drive in Poland as long as they carry their home driver`s license as well as an International Driving Permit, issued before you leave your home country. Keep in mind that both licenses must not have an expiration date within 180 days of your dates of travel. Tourists are allowed to drive for 180 days in Poland; you will have to apply for a Polish driver`s license if you plan to stay longer.

Additional Documents

You will need to carry your passport as your primary identification and you will need to keep the registration and all documents relating to the car in the glove box.


Third-party personal insurance, at the very least, is mandatory for all drivers in Poland. Copies of the insurance policy must be carried in the car at all times.


If you are required to wear glasses or contact lenses while driving in your home country, you must wear them in Poland as well. Extra pairs of glasses or contact lenses are not required but are recommended.

Warning Triangles and Visibility Vests

Warning triangles and reflective jackets are required in every car in Poland, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you fit your car with these materials. Ask the rental car company how to purchase these items, or if they are included in your order. If you are stopped by police, you can be issued large on-the-spot fines for not carrying these items. Warning triangles in particular are required in every vehicle with four wheels or more.

Headlamp Beam Deflectors

Ask your car rental company how you will apply headlamp beam deflectors. Some cars require stickers, others require for the beam to be adjusted manually.

Snow Chains

Snow chains are only required in winter, on specific roads that are known for seeing wintry conditions. You will most likely encounter wintry conditions in the south of the country, in the Tatra Mountains, as well as in and around Krakow.


It is compulsory for all motor vehicles to use dipped headlights or daytime running lights, day and night, all year round.


- A fire extinguisher

-Crash helmets for all motorcycle and moped drivers and passengers. Children under 7 are exempted if the speed does not exceed 40 kph.

Emergency, police and fire services in Poland can be accessed by calling 112. Alternative numbers include 999 for ambulance, 998 for fire and 997 for police.