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Mainland Greece: Point of Interest Map
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Mainland Greece

Major Cities

Athens, the capital of Greece, is of the most established centers of tourism in Europe thanks to its classical legacy. The city is one of the longest inhabited cities dating back 3,000 years, the historical gem of Europe, home to some of the most important cultural and historical attractions and the essence of all of Greece. Every step you take and every street you go to leads to a fantastic monument, or a reminder of the grandeur of its ancient heritage and the transformations the city has gone through.

Delphi is one that simply can`t be missed out of any list about mainland Greece. Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos – the center (literally navel) of the world and is an ancient city, home to one of the most famous sights in all of Greece, The Oracle at Delphi. Besides history, Delphi attracts tourists due to its splendid location, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; offering the most magnificent views.

Do you want to party a bit while in Greece? Then this is the location for you. With an entire district devoted to nightlife, picturesque restaurants and wonderful food, you`ll be able to take in all your indulgences with a visit to Thessaloniki. The city is also filled with Byzantine churches and chapels, as well as some Ottoman, and Jewish structures, a city with squares built around Roman palaces, whose markets pulse with life. It has some of the finest hotels, gorgeous beaches and best restaurants in northern Greece, you will feel as if you are living the life of luxury here.

Olympia offered to the world one of the most important ancient Greeks heritages: the Olympic Games that took place at the athletic complex for a 1,000 years. Fifteen minutes from the ancient site is the modern village, filled with many shops of jewelry and reproductions of antiquities. The statue of Zeus in the ancient temple of Olympia was one of the world`s seven wonders, unfortunately, it did not survive; still, antique artifacts are preserved at the archaeological museum.

The mountaintop monasteries at Meteora (it means `suspended in the air`) are a marvel of human creativity. Located in the central region of Greece, Meteora was originally home to 24 monasteries, of which 6 are still inhabited and welcome visitors and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Kalambaka and Kastrika sit at the bottom of these rocks with an array of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and a nightlife to be enjoyed by all who visit here. This may be one of the most visually spectacular places you’ll ever come across.

Geographically only 2 hours drive from Athens, Nafplio is widely considered one of the prettiest and most romantic towns in Greece. The Old Town is a marvel to walk around with elegant neoclassical mansions and large squares, while on the hill above the Old Town is a fortress castle dating from the Venetian ages. There are some incredible beaches located nearby and the Old Town is host to plenty of fabulous restaurants, tavernas, cafés, art galleries and museums.

Corinth, a town that is considered the gateway to the Peloponnese Peninsula, where ancient meets modern. It was one of the largest and wealthiest city-states in Greece, with two major port: one on the Corinthian Gulf and one on the Saronic Gulf. Today, the site where Ancient Corinth once stood has been excavated by archaeologists and the extensive remains are dominated by top-rated attractions like the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.
More to Explore
Cities in Greece

Because of its geographical position, Greece was a crossroad of civilizations that had left their traces everywhere: the architecture of the museums and settlements, daily life, food customs, art, and the amazing scenery in the various cities the mainland has to offer. Discover the interesting cities of the mainland such as Athens, a modern city that thrives in the shadow of the Acropolis. And not to forget the ruins of Delphi, Olympia and Meteora, all reminders of the great civilization that once existed in Greece.

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Athens and Rome by Air
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Athens and the Peloponnese (Self Drive)
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