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Glamorgan: Point of Interest Map
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Major Cities

Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It is also its most populous city and the epicenter of political, economical, social, and cultural life in Wales. With over 20 million visitors arriving each year, it is easily Wales`s most-visited tourist destination. The area around the port, where the city grew to what it is today, is now a noteworthy tourist area which is home to such buildings as the Welsh National Assembly, the Pierhead Building, and the Millennium Centre. Other noteworthy sights include the BBC Drama Centre and the city`s two grand cathedrals: Cardiff Cathedral (Roman Catholic) and Llandaff Cathedral (Anglican), the latter dating from the 12th century. Cardiff Castle was built on the site of a 3rd-century Roman fort; the castle we see today also dates from the 12th century.

Swansea is the second-largest city in Wales. The city sits on Swansea Bay and the western bank of the River Tawe. The maritime district is home to Swansea Museum, the oldest museum in Wales, as well as the National Waterfront Museum and the museum dedicated to the life of celebrated Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. In the vicinity there are many parks and nature reserves, and the area in and around Swansea is considered one of the most ecologically diverse and beautiful regions of the United Kingdom. The city is situated on the far eastern portion of the Gower Peninsula, the first area of the UK to be named an `Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty`. Swansea is a popular beach and surfing destination, and is also a hub for nightlife, as is the small seaside community of Mumbles that sits southwest of town.
Cities in Wales

Glamorgan is one of the historic counties of Wales, and covers a large portion of its southern coast. It was a region of vital importance to the Norman rulers and later the Princes of Wales, as evidenced by the large number of castles that dot the landscape. There are more castles here in Glamorgan than in perhaps any other region of Wales. Historically a big coal and steel-producing region, it was one of the most industrialized areas of Great Britain, especially in the 19th century when it was only behind Greater Manchester and the West Midlands in terms of industrial output. Today it is home to the two largest cities in Wales: Cardiff, the political, economic, social and cultural capital of Wales; and Swansea, a city located at the eastern end of the Gower Peninsula which is well-known for its seafaring traditions, great surfing and beaches, and beautiful landscapes.

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